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Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Modified by DC, Found Abandoned !! 😥

DC Design used to tinker with a variety of cars, including high-end luxury vehicles, while it was at its peak. The customising house has come up with some of the most bizarre ideas. The SF1, which is based on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class W126, is one such project.

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The pictures of the car were posted by Cyrus Dhabhar while another vlogger Shiva posted a video on the abandoned car claiming it to be some futuristic concept model that Mercedes-Benz abandoned in India. Here is all you want to know about the car.

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DC Design SCL

Underneath this body is a W126 S-Class. Many people admire the transformation job, and there are references to the Mercedes-Benz SF1 concept, although there are no similarities in reality.

DC has done an excellent job customising the car in his own unique style. Instead of the intended four, the final product had two doors. The headlamps are brand new and have a distinctive form. We are unsure about their effectiveness. The Mercedes-Benz logo is also placed on the front grille. Interestingly, DC Design did not give this car a name. The dealership that sold it, however, added the name – SCL.

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DC Design W126 is Now Abandoned

The photos and video show the customised automobile abandoned on a Delhi street corner. The car is covered in dust and in a state of disarray. Many sections of the car have rusted away, and all of the windows, including the front windshield, are shattered.

The car’s door was also open, as shown in the video. The entire cabin is covered in dust. We don’t believe any of the vehicle’s functions are functional anymore.

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Such Vehicles are Illegal ⚠️

Almost all such weird cars that changed the identity of the stock vehicle were illegal and might have been seized, according to the current MV Act restrictions. We’re not sure why the owner abandoned this Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but it appears that the vehicle had some mechanical faults that were too costly to repair, so it was left here.

Many of these high-end automobiles have developed difficulties, and because parts for such vintage cars are difficult to come by, many owners simply dump them. The failure of the suspension system, which can be quite costly to import and install, is one of the most typical issues with these cars. The wealthy just upgrade to a new model. What are your thoughts?

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