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Mercedes-Benz To Send Cyrus Mistry’s GLC Data To Germany For Further Investigation

Mercedes-Benz representatives went to the scene of Cyrus Mistry’s GLC crash. When the team arrived in Maharashtra’s Palghar district, they thoroughly examined the vehicle. Two forensic specialists arrived at the scene and looked over the car and the surroundings.

For the first time since the passing of Cyrus Mistry, the former chairman of Tata Motors, Mercedes-Benz has made an official statement. On Sunday, Mistry was killed when his Mercedes-Benz GLC hit a road barrier on a bridge in Maharashtra. The German luxury car manufacturer has begun looking into exactly what happened at the time of the collision.

The automaker has gathered the crucial information from the vehicle and will examine the data at its German headquarters. As part of the investigation into the tragic incident, they also stated that they are working with the police and other investigating agencies.

Mercedes-Benz stated in a statement,

“As a trustworthy company that values customer privacy, our team is working with the authorities when we can, and we will give them any clarifications they need directly if necessary. We are extremely saddened by the tragic road accident that claimed the lives of Jehangir Pandole and Cyrus Mistry. At the same time, we are relieved to hear that Darius and Anahita Pandole are making a full recovery. We hope they recover quickly.”

Former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry Dies in Car Accident
Former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry Dies in Car Accident

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Mercedes Has Received The Data Chip

The data chip has been recovered, and it will be examined to determine what caused the mishap. Tyre pressure, brake fluid level, speed, steering wheel position, seatbelt status, airbag deployment, and any potential problems with the vehicle will all be examined by Mercedes-Benz.

However, the police are interested in learning whether the airbags and seatbelts are functioning properly. According to the police’s preliminary investigation, Mistry and his friend Jehangir were not using seatbelts. The GLC has seven airbags in total. The fact that only three seatbelts were used during the incident suggests that the occupants were not.

Cyrus Mistry was travelling back from the Iranshah Fire Temple in Udvada, Gujarat, with three of his friends. After their visit, they continued to ride in the same vehicle. Along with Jehangir Pandole, a former director of KPMG’s Global Strategy Group, Anahita, a former independent director of Tata Global Beverages, and Darius, the managing director of JM Financial’s private equity business, Cyrus Mistry, the former chairman of Tata Motors, was travelling.


The other two passengers, who were seated in the front and were wearing seatbelts, escaped the collision unharmed. At the time of the collision, Anahita was operating the vehicle. On the old Surya River bridge, she lost control of the vehicle. After paying the Charoti toll, the car travelled 20 km in 9 minutes. When the driver lost control, the car was attempting to pass another vehicle from the wrong side.

The Euro NCAP gives the Mercedes-Benz GLC a five-star rating; this organisation has much stricter standards than the Global NCAP. Mistry’s GLC was equipped with seven airbags, crossover assist, and the Mercedes Pre-Safe occupant protection system, among other features.

The Pre-Safe works to maintain the safety of the passengers. It applies automatic emergency brakes as well as detecting objects and other vehicles on the road.

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Cyrus Mistry Was Not Wearing Seat Belt Says Maharashtra Police


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