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Mercedes Will Accept Legal Liability If Its Autonomous Tech Crashes

The company could deploy the tech in California and Nevada by the end of the year.

A future in which your automobile drives you to work as you fall asleep in the driver’s seat is still years away. Mercedes, on the other hand, is taking the first step toward that future by agreeing to assume legal accountability if its automobile crashes while utilising its Drive Pilot technology, which is an SAE Level 3 Advanced Driver Assistance System. According to Road and Track, Mercedes might have it on US roads by the end of the year.

Mercedes’ Drive Pilot system enables for hands-free driving by allowing the car to take over the vehicle’s duties. However, as with most developing technologies, its real usability is restricted. Drive Pilot, like GM’s SuperCruise technology, is only usable on roads that Mercedes has already mapped.

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The system also restricts the tech’s operation to speeds under 40 mph (64 km/h) on split highways with no traffic lights, as we discovered during our first journey with the EQE. Mercedes only enables drivers to utilise the technology during the daylight when the weather is nice.

The system, on the other hand, can negotiate many of the unexpected situations that can occur when driving. If Drive Pilot detects the need for the driver to take control, it provides them a 10-second warning before disengaging, giving them time to refocus on the road ahead. When it detects an emergency vehicle, the system uses microphones and cameras to detect the vehicles before warning the driver to take control.

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Mercedes has already received approval from Germany to use the tech on its roads, with Mercedes mapping the entirety of the country’s highways. The company also hopes that the technology will arrive on US roads by the end of the year, with the brand looking at California and Nevada as two of the first states to allow such driving. Mercedes has mapped many of those states’ highways. However, don’t expect broad adoption to happen all at once.

George Massing, the company’s VP of automated driving, told Road and Track that Mercedes expects it will have to deal with each state in adopting rules to allow Mercedes to operate its Drive Pilot tech. Mercedes is already looking beyond California and Nevada as there is little federal.

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