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MG Astor Gets Stuck On Goa’s Beach

The tourists continue driving their vehicles to the beaches despite stern warnings and numerous actions taken by the Goan authorities. The owner of an MG Astor from Kolhapur, Maharashtra was arrested by the Pernem police on Sunday for bringing his vehicle to the Morjim beach. For several hours, the mid-size crossover was immobile on the sand.

On the Internet, a video of the car stuck on the sand has gone viral. The stuck MG Astor could be seen close to the shoreline in a video that was recorded by another visitor to the Morjim beach. Without outside assistance, the vehicle could not be moved because it was stuck.

The vehicle was found by a throng that had gathered there. We don’t know exactly how the car was retrieved from the beach, though. Sagar Bapu Savarathkar, a 32-year-old Kolhapur resident, has been arrested by Pernem police.

MG Astor of tourists gets stuck on Goa’s beach; Owner booked

Sagar has been charged by the police with violating Sections 279 and 336 of the Indian Penal Code. The issue of reckless and careless driving of vehicles endangering human life on the beach is covered in both sections. Constable Chandrakant Naik will oversee the entire investigation as the police continue to look into the matter.

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It has happened before that a car in Goa became stranded on the beach. Goa’s beaches are off-limits to vehicles. Nevertheless, despite numerous government warnings. There have been numerous instances where police have detained both locals and visitors for driving onto beaches.

A Hyundai Creta got stuck on a beach, and Goa Police quickly made an arrest. The man was driving around on the sand before going further out into the ocean. Then, his car became stranded in the waves. The registration number was also reported by the police to the nearby RTO for further action.

The Goa police have previously detained numerous tourists for similar crimes. The Goa Pernem police detained a tourist from Chennai for operating a self-drive Maruti Suzuki Swift on the Morjim beach. Although there weren’t many people on the beach, this activity might have put tourists in danger.

After another tourist’s Hyundai i20 became stuck on the sand, the police detained him. After the sea swept away the rented car, the police detained the man.

There have been incidents where ministers’ cars became stranded on the sand. Such vehicles are extremely difficult to recover from beaches because the rescue vehicle has trouble in the sand.

What happens, though, if you really want to drive your car to the beaches? Well, a few beaches in India do permit the legal entry of private vehicles. In Kerala, there is a beach that accepts vehicles after payment of an entrance fee. The majority of the beaches have soft sand that can trap cars. However, the hard sand at Kerala’s Muzapillangad Beach makes sure that the cars don’t get stuck.

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