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MG Hector Petrol Catches Fire – See Details

MG Hector Petrol Catches Fire – See Details

While the MG Hector is one of the most feature-packed and promising SUVs available, there have been some terrible instances in the past that have called its dependability into doubt. Premature clutch plate wear, fire breakouts, and sudden operation of numerous systems have all hampered the ownership experience of many MG Hector customers. Here’s a recent terrible incident in which an MG Hector caught fire in broad daylight. Fortunately, the passengers of the SUV at the time of the event were unharmed.

A Twitter user called Pradeepa Rao recently uploaded a few photographs and a video of her black-colored MG Hector petrol automatic catching fire out in the open. Pradeepa stated that she, a friend, and her cat were in the SUV. However, as Pradeepa was driving the SUV, it unexpectedly stopped, and she spotted smoke pouring out of Hector’s hood. The automobile owner, her friend, and her cat exited the vehicle quickly in this scenario. The MG Hector burned to ashes in 15 minutes, leaving behind a totally scorched automobile.

In response to one of the comments on her Twitter post, Pradeepa revealed that she had no idea what caused the fire in the Hector. She said that the vehicle unexpectedly halted in the middle of her drive and caught fire. In her Twitter post, Pradeepa also criticised the insensitivity and irresponsibility of those who arrived at the scene of the event but instead of assisting them, began filming the entire occurrence of the Hector catching fire on their iPhones.

In the past, we have heard from a few MG Hector owners who have experienced concerns with their SUVs catching fire or emitting smoke from the engine room. While MG has been swift in acknowledging consumer concerns and acting in accordance with them, the firm should be similarly prompt in taking required efforts to ensure Hector’s long-term safety and dependability.

MG just redesigned the Hector with a completely new front look and interior layout, as well as a few additional amenities. The 2023 MG Hector now comes with a 1.5-litre turbocharged 143 PS petrol engine with 6-speed manual and CVT transmission choices, as well as a 2.0-litre 170 PS diesel engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard.



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