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Mistakes to Avoid while buying a Used Car

As a kid, everyone has a dream car which they want to own some day in their life. But as we reach to adulthood, we realize the responsibilities that we have & while fulfilling them; the dream to buy car is put to hold. But one day when browsing online, we see our dream car up for sale & the dream picks up again. After seeing that it is pre-owned, our concerns start to rise. To prevent you from making a wrong choice, here are some common mistakes to avoid –

1. Buying without checking inspection report

Always check the inspection report of the car

While buying a used car, getting it inspected is a must-do. You should check if the vehicle is inspected properly by taking a look at its inspection report if the dealer has. If the dealer does not have the record then you should either walk away or get the car checked at your expense from a professional mechanic. While buying the car from a private buyer, take your mechanic with you or get it checked from a professional workshop while doing the test drive. Buying without checking the records can turn out to be an expensive mistake afterwards.

2. Not going for test drive

Don’t forget to take test drive before buying

This is the biggest mistake which can lead you into trouble in future. If the seller does not allow you to go to test drive, there is going to be some major problem which caused the seller some trouble and that’s why he/she is selling the vehicle. Don’t ever purchase the car without doing test drive.

3. Prioritizing emotions over value for money

Don’t overpay in flow of emotions

Going to purchase a used car without knowing what your budget permits is the most common & absurd mistake one can commit. If your choice doesn’t match with your needs & isn’t satisfactory, then the purchase will go in vain. It is also essential to set your demands & search accordingly, otherwise, you won’t find what you want & will get too much-unrelated content. Also, don’t go with the flow of emotions, i.e., don’t purchase the vehicle based on your liking but check if the features it provides are worth your money.

4. Not choosing Certified pre-owned vehicles

Check the Certified Pre-owned vehicle services also

Another one of the mistakes is preferring private sellers like friends or colleagues. But one should also look for certified used cars. These vehicles usually go through a complete mechanical inspection irrespective of make, model or number of kilometres completed. Such vehicles also have full transparency about the car’s condition with an authentic vehicle history report. These cars may come with an extended warranty & lots of other features which no private seller offers. Agreed, these vehicles are expensive, but they come with the satisfaction that you get the best value for money.

5. Agreeing blindly with seller’s quote

“Oh sir, don’t worry! The vehicle has clear service history !” and it turns out the vehicle has not been serviced unless a breakdown occurs. Trusting the seller & going by his words can often lead you into trouble. Because the seller will always try to get more money than what the car is worth. But it is your responsibility to check whether the car is really worth that much. Doing a proper study will help you avoid this mistake & get what you want in (probably) less money.

That were the common mistakes to avoid while buying a used or pre-owned car. Make sure that you avoid these mistakes for getting a better value for money product. Have you ever bought a pre-owned car ? What did you experience ? Tell us in the comment box.

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