Most Valuable Automobile Brands in 2021 Global Report

Toyota tops the list with brand value US $59.9b, followed by Mercedes-Benz with US $58.25b, Volkswagen (US $47b)

Toyota becomes the most valuable automobile brand in the world. Japanese manufacturer Toyota superpass the leading Mercedes-Benz this year.

Toyota tops the list with obvious reasons as company deals Pandamic situation with very strategic game. With almost 2% growth Toyota achieved the brand value of 59.9 Billion USD.

10 Most Valuable Car Brands2021 Valuation In USD2020 Valuation In USD
1. Toyota59.47 billion58.07 billion
2. Mercedes-Benz58.22 billion65.04 billion
3. Volkswagen47.02 billion 44.89 billion
4. BMW40.44 billion40.48 billion
5. Porsche34.32 billion33.91 billion
6. Tesla31.98 billion12.41 billion
7. Honda31.36 billion33.10 billion
8. Ford22.67 billion18.51 billion
9. Volvo17.75 billion16.91 billion
10. Audi 17.18 billion16.97 billion
10 Most Valuable Car Brands In The World In 2021 

Toyota leads the table with the increase in sales volume in China Region. 50% of the over-all growth company achieved in the Q3 only after the pandamic relief. During pandamic when other manufacturers are finding difficulties to make great sales volume, Toyota itself busy with achieving new heights in the industry. Company targeted all the things very strategically be it electric, better product launch, new product and targeted the right market at right time. This results the company value in the global market as all the things go in favour.

Let's have a look at the top 10 OEMs based on their valuation.
Let’s have a look at the top 10 OEMs based on their valuation.

The frist half of the 2020 start with Pandamic and the second half has ship shortage, which results the sales drop of some manufacturers. Nissan and Honda are the perfect example of this, where Nissan has a profit drop of almost 33%. This same drop Nissan realise back in 2009.

Electric vehicles giant Tesla achieved the milestone with leaving behind the traditional OEM’s. The Technology and Innovation giant continues to be the fastest growing and improving the OEM’s rank globally. Mercedes stays behind with 11%. Germay’s ruling OEM Volkswagen climbed up by 5% over-all growth. BMW and Porche were marginally around the same.

Source:- Brand Finance Automotive Industry 2021.

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