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New Lamborghini Countach Caught On The Street Makes Glorious V12 Noise

Does it have an upgraded exhaust system?

This isn’t the first time the 2022 Lamborghini Countach has been spotted. It’s not the first time we’ve heard anything like this. Varryx’s latest video isn’t really that long, clocking in at just under two minutes. However, automotive aficionados adore the sound of horsepower, and this clip features a brief but tantalising V12 sound clip that is the stuff of dreams.

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What makes this one unique? On the internet, there are a plethora of Lamborghini Aventador exhaust videos, and that’s really what the Countach is all about. Its 6.5-liter V12 is similar to the one found in an Aventador SVJ, albeit it does use the Sian’s hybrid supercapacitor technology to produce a total output of 803 horsepower (599 kilowatts). However, the exhaust routing is unique to the Countach – an ode to the quad outlets that graced the original model – so it’s reasonable to expect a slightly different tune compared to its siblings.

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Then, about 15 seconds into the video, we hear it. Modern Lambos are accustomed to either idling peacefully or piercing the fabric of spacetime with a godlike cry. This new Countach, on the other hand, does not shout. In fact, it has a baritone clatter that reminds me of the previous one. This wasn’t a full-throttle, 8,500-rpm explosion, though. Given the Countach’s vintage design, there may be some imagined sound on our part. However, for those of us who remember the original Ferrari when it was brand new, this is a very recognisable and welcoming sound.

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The new Lamborghini Countach has a production limit of 112 cars, and all of them have been sold. Unless someone decided a grey nose and a different set of wheels were in order, we don’t think this is one of them. This is most likely a Countach test vehicle, thus the sound we’re hearing isn’t precisely stock. If it isn’t, we’re hoping for a buyer’s upgrade, because we really want to hear this car again.

Please pardon us while we search YouTube for classic Countach footage to get us through the weekend.

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