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New Mahindra Scorpio Classic Riding On 26 Inch Wheels Worth Rs 3.2 Lakh

Mahindra Scorpio Classic

New Mahindra Scorpio Classic Riding On 26 Inch Wheels Worth Rs 3.2 Lakh

It is nothing new for Indians to be obsessed with alloy wheels. What’s new is the tendency of outfitting automobiles with massive alloy wheels wrapped in the lowest profile tyres available. In a recent YouTube video, an all-new Mahindra Scorpio Classic was displayed, along with the country’s first 26-inch alloy arrangement of this style.

Tarun Vlogs3445 recently released this video to his channel, in which he evaluates and interviews the owner of this specific Mahindra Scorpio Classic. The video starts with a tiny portion of the movie’s highlights, followed by some incredible B-rolls and drone pictures of this all-black SUV on a desolate road. Following that, the presenter begins the video by stating that he would be displaying this viral Scorpio Classic with a 26-inch alloy wheel arrangement today.

He says that this is the first Mahindra Scorpio Classic with 26-inch alloy wheels in India. He admits that he is aware that there are other Scorpios in the nation with 26-inch alloy wheels. He does, however, mention that this is the first Scorpio Classic with this particular wheel design and arrangement. The presenter then steps behind the camera and introduces the Scorpio Classic’s owner. Following the introduction of the owner, the presenter inquires as to when he purchased the car and what the prior configuration was.

The owner then responds that, prior to converting to this 26-inch arrangement, he had 22-inch alloy wheels all around the corners on his Scorpio Classic, which he purchased two and a half months ago. However, after just 300 kilometers, he became dissatisfied with that arrangement and modified it to this one. The presenter then comments that the owner should get the 28-inch alloys, to which the owner responds that they would if they could, but they’ll see what happens in the future. Following that, they discuss the unique 4747 registration number, which the owner claims cost him Rs 65,000 to get for his automobile.

Following that, the presenter informs the owner that the headlight bulbs have also been replaced, which the owner confirms. The owner claims that all of the halogen bulbs in the headlights and fog lamps have been replaced with LED bulbs rated at 120 watts, and that the reaction has been phenomenal. He says that the arrangement is so brilliant that he doesn’t even use the front headlights to navigate in the dark, instead relying on the fog lamps and LED DRLs.

Moving on in the film, the presenter walks around the automobile, remarking that it has been tastefully updated and appears tidy. He then reveals the alloy wheels up close and asks the owner what adjustments he had to do in order for the wheels to fit, to which he answers that they had to modify the inner fenders and suspension to avoid rubbing.

The presenter then asks how much this setup cost, to which the owner responds that he paid Rs 3.2 lakh for the complete setup. The owner previously stated that the entire automobile was wrapped with self healing paint protection film, which cost him Rs 1.2 lakh.



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