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New Range Rover Destroyed After Tumbling Off Car Carrier

On Thursday morning, a brand new Range Rover being carried through Paramus, New Jersey, slipped off the back of a vehicle carrier. According to photographer Boyd A. Loving, who was on the scene, a Honda Accord was damaged in the subsequent mayhem, inflicting an injury.

The collision happened on Route 17 under the West Midland Avenue bridge, but the cause of the accident is unknown. The degree of the injuries, as well as who received them, are unknown at this time.

However, as seen by the photographs and video Boyd provided with Carscoops, the collision was severe enough that both vehicles involved had to be hauled away from the site. The Accord’s damage appears to be less serious than that of the Range Rover, but there is evidence of collision at the front and sides of the sedan.

Meanwhile, the Range Rover looks to have suffered catastrophic damage. The back liftgate has been smashed, and the roof has been torn apart. The majority of the impact, however, appears to be concentrated around the vehicle’s rear and flanks. No other Range Rovers on the vehicle carrier appear to have been damaged in this instance.

The road was stopped until approximately 9:00 a.m. when first responders arrived at the scene of the collision, which occurred around 8:30 a.m., according to the Daily Voice.

Although many specifics of the tragedy are unknown, the vehicle transporter was heading north, toward Jaguar Land Rover’s US headquarters. Photos of the wrecked Range Rover show that it had California manufacturer’s plates, implying that the vehicles were meant for usage by the carmaker.

Range Rover acknowledged to Road & Track that it is aware of the collision, but declined to comment on whether the car was on its way to company headquarters. Although it is unknown how this car was outfitted, the 2023 Range Rover starts at $104,000.


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