New W-12 Powered Mulliner Will Preview Bentley’s First EV


Mulliner is set to introduce its second unique creation in 2023

We didn’t think much of the W12-powered Bentley Continental GT Speed when we tested it recently, but we were concerned that it might be our last taste of the strange engine. While the unusual 6.0-liter isn’t going away anytime soon, it is getting much more rare. So, where might we anticipate seeing the massive engine in the future? The W12 will be used in the second-ever bespoke Mulliner vehicle, according to Autocar. Following in the footsteps of the convertible Bacalar, the new Mulliner will be one of, if not the last, Bentleys powered by the W12 engine. Despite its fondness for the big engine, this new model will also serve as a preview of Bentley’s future electric vehicles.

The new car will, according to reports, be built on the Continental GT Coupe, just as the Bacalar was based on the Continental Convertible. In terms of styling, it will follow the Bacalar idea, being designed to stand out among so-called “normal” Bentleys. Some aspects from the 2018 EXP 100 GT concept are expected to make an appearance, but the new vehicle will be distinguished by bespoke aesthetic cues that will usher in a new age of Bentley design. So, if you thought the Bacalar was out of the ordinary, be prepared for the nameless coupe to go even further. Expect arrow headlamp clusters, sharper air intakes, and a fresh rendition of Bentley’s iconic front grille, as well as thin taillights, wide arches, and a wider visual footprint.

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The newcomer will be limited to 25 units, making it less exclusive than the Bacalar’s 12-unit production run. Despite this, it will not be cheap, possibly exceeding the $1.9 million roadster. However, with the 650-horsepower W12 slated to carry over, as well as the possibility of a customised cabin unlike any current Continental, it won’t appeal to consumers. The Bacalar coupe is sure to be popular, but if you miss out on ordering one when it debuts in 2023 as part of Mulliner’s 80th anniversary celebrations with Bentley, you can expect its styling to be referenced in Bentley’s first electric vehicle, an Artemis-based sedan that will debut two years later. When that happens, the W12 is permanently lost.

Source: Autocar


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