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New York City To See Tesla Taxis

Gravity Inc., a New York-based sustainable mobility and electric vehicle infrastructure company, has announced the launch of a new fleet of Tesla Model Y yellow taxis in the city. The world’s first zero-emission, fleet-based taxi service and specialized distributed Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) charging infrastructure was introduced by the NYC-based organization last year.

This fleet of Tesla Model Y mid-size EV SUVs will be available for street hailing and on-demand booking, with cutting-edge technology such as innovative fleet optimization algorithms, while maintaining current yellow cab pricing, providing a cutting-edge in-cabin passenger experience, and ensuring equitable compensation to its fleet’s drivers.

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Gravity’s Existing Taxi Fleet

Gravity’s existing fleet of Ford Mustang Mach-E crossovers, which began operations in December of last year, will be joined by the new Tesla fleet. Both vehicles were cleared for use as taxis by the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission earlier this year as part of an EV trial program.

First Tesla Model 3 NYC yellow cab

“What Gravity is delivering to New York City is beyond electric vehicles; these will be the taxis of the future, and the charging places of the future,” said Moshe Cohen, founder and CEO of Gravity, Inc. “We’ve found a pragmatic approach to sustainable transportation that prioritises health, safety, and the passenger experience,” he continued. Gravity is delighted to have pioneered a business strategy that is built for people and meets the technological requirements of today’s commuter and BEV owner. NY Yellow Taxis provide a potential to achieve significant advancements in BEV fleets and public charging infrastructure, all while providing drivers with fair and incentive-compatible working circumstances.”

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“This is another huge first for Gravity as we reimagine what it means to ride a taxi in the world’s finest metropolis,” Cohen continued. The Model Y is the first Tesla to truly meet all of our criteria for a good cab trip. New Yorkers and visitors will be able to ride in one of the most modern vehicles ever created, complete with Gravity’s own bespoke features that provide a first-class experience for the price of a typical cab fee.”

About The Tesla Taxi

The Tesla Model Y is a completely electric, mid-size SUV that is a rather luxury and technologically advanced vehicle on its own, but the NYC cab operator has added its own set of technologies to enhance its clients’ riding experience. A bespoke 22-inch tablet for rear passengers to adjust climate controls, take selfies, listen to music, and watch videos, as well as driver-facing AI technology that detects and inhibits distracted driving while also monitoring the vehicle for safe driving behaviours, as well as signature Gravity Rally Yellow paint, are among the upgrades added by Gravity.

How Tesla Taxis Will Look

All Gravity cabs are charged at standard NYC yellow taxi rates, with no surcharges or premiums for the company’s new all-electric taxis. The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission is also in charge of issuing licenses and approving drivers.

Gravity now charges all of its electric vehicle fleets at Manhattan Plaza on West 42nd Street, but the firm hopes to expand to other locations in the future. This will enable it to fast charge autos during off-peak hours, such as at night. Gravity, in addition to operating e-taxis, also manufactures charging equipment. The company claims that its chargers outperform Tesla’s superchargers and that they are compatible with a wide range of models and can be charged in minutes. At NYIAS, Gravity will also be demonstrating its own prototype charging system, which has 360 kW of true fast charging power, can fit into any constrained indoor parking location, and can optimize charging within a building’s peak energy consumption.

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