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NIO Launches The First Battery Swap Station In Europe

Nio Installs First Battery Swap Station In Norway

Nio, which began operations last year in Norway, has now opened the first battery exchange facility on the European continent. The first battery swap facility is in Norway, but they hope to have 20 more by the end of 2022. The second-generation power switch station 2.0, which contains 14 battery slots and an empty slot to take up a depleted battery, was initially unveiled in April 2021. The Nio ES8, which was released last year, will be supported by the battery swap stations. Future Nio products will be supported by these stations.

About The Battery Swap Station

With 700 stations across China, Nio is the market leader in battery switching technology. By the end of 2025, it intends to build 4,000 stations worldwide, including 1,000 outside of China. Nio will most likely open battery swap stations in Germany, which is now Europe’s largest EV market. Shell stations might also have them installed.

Nio Business Model

Nio can sell its automobiles in the battery as a service model because of its battery swap service, which allows consumers to buy a car without a battery and then pay a monthly fee for the battery and battery change network. In fact, out of the 200 Nio registered in the market, 92 percent of clients choose the battery as a service business model today. It is also powerful in terms of charging technology, with Nio-branded fast chargers capable of 150 kW.

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