Nissan India 2021 Sales Report – Magnite, Kiger

Nissan India 2021 Sales Report – Magnite, Kiger
Nissan India 2021 Sales Report – Magnite, Kiger

Nissan and its alliance partner Renault both entered 2021 with the single goal of reviving their faltering Indian businesses. A small product portfolio resulted in a little market share, which led to a production facility that was underutilised. With their respective market-specific compact crossovers – the Renault Kiger and Nissan Magnite – both manufacturers were given one more opportunity.

Nissan Magnite at a glace

The sub-four-meter SUV, which shares its underpinnings with the Renault Kiger, is powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine that may be ordered naturally aspirated or turbocharged. The original NA engine produces 72 horsepower and 96 pound-feet of torque, while the turbo version produces 100 horsepower and 160 pound-feet of torque. A 5-speed manual transmission is standard, while a CVT is available as an option.

The main selling features are the aggressive pricing approach (the launch price started at INR 4.99 lakh but is presently approximately INR 5.62 lakh ex-showroom), young style, and well-equipped interior. The SUV’s 4-star crash test rating from the ASEAN NCAP also helps to boost its attractiveness among India’s increasingly safety-conscious clientele.

Nissan India December 2021 Sales

Nissan India 2021 Sales Report – Magnite, Kiger
Nissan India 2021 Sales Report – Magnite, Kiger

The Nissan Magnite has received over 72,000 bookings in the country since its launch, providing the Japanese brand with a much-needed boost. Nissan India has gotten into a routine when it comes to domestic sales data, thanks to its one-product-wonder. The manufacturer managed to ship 3,010 units in December 2021, with the Magnite accounting for the majority of them.

While this sales figure isn’t exactly competitive, especially when compared to the country’s leading OEMs, it is a huge step in the right direction given how awful Nissan’s condition was in 2020. To put it in perspective, last month’s YoY growth rate was a whopping 358 percent (657 units sold in December 2020).

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How did Nissan perform in 2021 overall?

Nissan finished 2021 with a YoY gain in dispatch (wholesales) of almost 1400 percent, at 36,173 units, after starting with a low base in 2020. With sustained sales, Magnite appears to be on track for another strong year, although we predict the YoY growth rate in 2022 to be in the low two digits at best.

While we don’t expect any major new introductions from the company in the coming year, special editions and version expansions of the Magnite are likely to keep it competitive in the sub-4m SUV sector.

What next for Nissan?

Nissan India’s current lineup consists of only two vehicles: the Kicks and the Magnite. Nissan must actively investigate different top-hats on Magnite’s cost-optimized modular architecture to cover other volume-rich sub-segments in order to secure its medium-term future in India. For example, a reasonably priced 7-seat derivative of this platform could be a compelling alternative to the briskly selling Maruti Ertiga.


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