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Next Generation of Brabus Vehicles in 2022

Mercedes cars are undoubtedly the pinnacle of luxury high-performance cars, but the Brabus offshoot is on a whole new level of cool. To prove this, we have prepared for you a lineup of new custom projects by this independent German tuner, who has unquestionable expertise in aerodynamics, engine enhancement and building the world’s fastest cars, SUVs and even boats. So lets indulge in this 2022 edition of Brabus perfection!

Sr noCar namePrice(USD)
1 BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition GLE$510,000
2 BRABUS 800 MBE63S$285,000
3 BRABUS 800 GLS MaybachTBD
4 BRABUS 92R$51,000
5 BRABUS 280SL Pagoda$343,000
6 BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition G Class$702,000
7 BRABUS Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin$665,000

1. BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition GLE

This BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition is based on the flagship GLE Coupe model. The AMG 63 S is dressed into a carbon fiber aero kit with exposed elements, is painted into “Superior Gray” and is fitted with Brabus 24 or 23inch Monoblock hi-forged wheels with Continental tires.

2. BRABUS 800 MBE63S

Until Brabus keeps making them, 4-door supercars will live on and here is a new example of an ultimate performance limousine based on the 2021 Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Facelift. The 800 MBE 63S keeps its elegant profile but enhances the sportiness.

3. BRABUS 800 GLS Maybach

If luxury transportation is your priority, Maybach models are the obvious choice in Mercedes lineup. However, you’d like your car to have a bit more extravaganza, Brabus is as your service. Their Brabus 800 take on the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 refines the former’s exterior and interior, while also improving its driving dynamics.


The Brabus version of the Smart is not your typical tiny city commuter, but rather a fully fledged pocket rocket sports car. Based on the EQ Fortwo Cabrio it gets a unique appearance with carbon fiber touches.

5. BRABUS 280SL Pagoda

Rebuilt from the ground up, Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda by Brabus is the original 1967 to 1971 SL 280 that keeps its 2.8L inline 6, packing 170 horses, and a stock automatic transmission, either 4 or 5-speed.

6. BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition G Class

With the 900 Rocket Edition, Brabus is once again raising the bar for the fastest version of the legendary G-Class. Its rocket-like power comes from a bored-out version of the stock 4.0-litre unit found in G63.

7. BRABUS Shadow 900 XC Cross Cabin

Brabus Marine is a formidable alliance between a high-performance luxury automotive brand and the award-winning Finnish boat builder Axopar Boats. In 2022 their flagship yacht is getting a special Cross Cabin edition.


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