Opel Rocks-E To Debut In Germany This Year

Opel Rocks-E

Opel Rocks-E is Expected To Debut In Germany Later This Year

The all new electric vehicle of Opel, Rocks-E is expected to be launched in Germany later this year. It will than be launched in other European countries by end of 2022. The new Opel Rocks-E is the same vehicle as Citroen Ami. It is an electric quadricycle. The Rocks-e is said to be the world’s first SUM (Sustainable Urban Mobility). It is focused on the European market only.

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Specifications And Performance

Opel Rocks-E

It is powered by a 5.5-kWh battery pack. It produces a total of only 8hp. This two seater EV weighs 425 kilograms (excluding the batteries). The Rocks-E is said to have a range of 75 kilometres. A full charge can be done in just three and half hours via any standard household socket. It has a top speed of 45 Km/h (28 mph). It is ideal for city use. Any one, from the age of 15, can legally drive it in Europe.

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Design And Styling

Opel Rocks-E
Opel Rocks-E

The Rocks-E is a rebadged model of the Citroen Ami. It measures go like 2.41 meters long, 1.39 metres wide and has a turning radius of 7.20m. It rolls over 14-inch wheels. Notably it can still accommodate people over 1.9 meters tall. The car gets a groovy yellow highlight. The cabin is simple and perfect.

The car features few but usefull features. It includes a small driver display, place to mount phone on the dashboard. In addition, it also got a handy storage area running behind the dashboard. Another interesting feature of the car is, both the doors open in the opposite direction.

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Opel Rocks-E

Opel has used the “Rocks” badge before, for there discontinued models, Karl and Adam. Although, the Opel Rocks-e could be the first instance of a badge-engineered electric car. Prices and varients of Rocks-e haven’t been revealed yet. It is expected to be priced around approx. €6,000 ($7,130).

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