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Narendra Modi Car Fleet, PM Modi Armoured Cars

Car Collection Of Indian Prime Minister

Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi’s travel car collection. Shri Narendra Modi is the 14th Prime Minister of India. He is one of from the list of most powerful leaders in the world. We have seen them travelling in luxurious cars like BMW, Rangerover, Mercedes, Etc.

Who select cars for the Hon. PM ?

Special Protection Group (SPG) is a special operations force whose objective is providing proximate security to the Prime Minister of India and members of their immediate families anywhere in the world. It was founded in the year 1988 by act of parliament of India.

1.Mahindra Scorpio

Narendra Modi ji before becoming Prime Minister of India, he was the Chief Minister of Gujrat state at that time he used to travel in the Mahindra’s Scorpio this car priced 16 lakh Indian rupees. Anand Mahindra requested PM to use Made in India product, but because of security reasons Modiji do not travel in the Scorpio now.

2. Tata Safari Armoured

If Mahindra is in the list then Tata should also be there. This is not normal TATA Safari, this is the armoured version of TATA Safari which is used by the Narendra Modi ji. This car has the bullet proof glass which can sustain the bullets of AK47 gun and underbody protection can save them from high power grenade. (zorafestival.org) The quality of built is also changed where high density steel is used instead of normal steel. Run flat tyres is also one of the features of this car. Which can run up to 50km after being attacked at max speed of 60kmph.

3.BMW 760Li HI-Security

After discarding Scorpio and Safari SPG decided to use BMW’s 760Li HI-Security for prime minister Narendra Modi ji. 760Li is the armoured version of the BMW 7 series which is far luxurious and better than TATA Safari. This car has oxygen tank, which can be used in case of gas attack. This is also comes up with the run flat tyres and self seal fuel tank which cannot be explode in attack. This cars windows are 6 cm thick which also can stop the bullets of AK47 gun. Under body protection protects from attacks of high power grenade. Prices between 9 crore and more.

4.Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE

This is armoured car. This car has strong body and glass. This can only be manufactured with custom orders. Prices between 8 to 10 crore Indian rupees depending upon your customization. HSE has all the safety features available.

5.Toyota Land Cruiser

Prices from 6 crore Indian rupees where normal land cruiser prices between 1 to 2 crore. This also has security features like run flat tyres .Bullet proof glasses and body, underbody protection,etc.

6.Range Rover Sentinel

At last we will see the Landrover’s Rangerover Sentinel. Currently Prime Minister use this vehicle. Sentinel is very strong and powerful car among all above, which comes with brilliant off-road capabilities. This has high security glasses which are stronger than any other in this category. You cannot open any window of this vehicle due to security reasons, driver window can be open but only for 15cm for the same security reasons. Roof and underbody protection comes up with grenade protection. This also has smoke screen and emergency escape features. Cost of this car ranges between 12cr to 15cr depending on your customization.

Security cars have many hidden features which are not revealed due to security reasons. This are some of the features which are common in security car. (pharmacy orlando)

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