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Porsche Confirms It’s Building Its Own EV Charging Stations

By 2030, Porsche wants 80 percent of sales to be EVs.

With Taycan deliveries expected to more than treble by 2021, Porsche is planning to expand its electrification strategy by adding more electric vehicles to its lineup. The all-electric Macan is already in the works, and Porsche just announced that a battery-powered 718 sports vehicle will be available by 2025.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume stated in his annual report that by 2030, electric vehicles will account for more than 80% of the company’s sales. To that end, Blume said that Porsche will develop its own charging infrastructure, which will coexist with the company’s existing ties with third-party charging networks.

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Tesla is now the only major carmaker with its own DC fast-charging infrastructure network, known as the Supercharger. Other car companies that sell their own electric vehicles, like as Ionity in Europe, Electrify Canada in Canada, and Electrify America in the United States, collaborate with third-party charging firms. Most public charging stations in the United States are still Level 2, with the exception of Tesla’s and a few notable exceptions.

It’s unclear whether Porsche will develop its own DC fast-charging network, but it’s apparent that the EV offensive will include both third-party companies and the company’s own future network.

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Porsche earlier announced the formation of the Cellforce Group in addition to the charging stations. For the automobile, the newly formed company is in charge of designing and producing high-performance battery cells. By 2024, production will begin with a capacity of at least 100 MWh per year, or roughly 100 kWh per vehicle.

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Porsche’s push towards electrification is definitely ambitious, much like its parent firm Volkswagen. It’s also unclear how this EV technology will be shared between the two, especially in high-performance applications.

Source: Porsche

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