Porsche Museum Gets A Makeover

Porsche Museum Gets A Makeover
Porsche Museum Gets A Makeover

Porsche’s Iconic Museum Upgraded

The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen is a popular destination for car enthusiasts all around the world. Porsche has announced a beautiful new renovation to this historic institution that will stay. The new additions to the museum pay tribute to Porsche’s long-standing involvement in the electric vehicle category. More than just Porsche racing models, road cars, and engines are now honoured in the museum.

Constructional Details

Porsche Museum Gets A Makeover

A lobby greets visitors at the museum’s entry, which Porsche refers to as the prologue. An escalator takes guests to the top, where they can go through the history of the colourful worldwide brand. After more than a year of planning, study, and implementation, Achim Stejskal, the Head of the Porsche Heritage and Museum, has already said that the prologue has been redesigned and upgraded. He also confirmed the addition of various interactive and brand new touchpoints for tourists, as well as 20+ stations, one-of-a-kind exhibitions, and three fully functional models.

Notable Mentions

Porsche Museum Gets A Makeover

The first model on display is the oldest surviving car designed by Ferdinand Porsche. This is the Egger-Lohner C 2 model, which was first introduced in 1898 and is now 123 years old! It sports a front-axle steering system and a rear-mounted octagonal electric motor! To put it another way, the very first Porsche was an electric car, which is incredible to say the least! After that, you’ll see the Ferry Porsche and the 356 No 1 Roadster, which was the first Porsche automobile. Ferdinand Porsche did not stop at electric cars; he also created the world’s first full-hybrid vehicle and wheel hub motors. Iris Haker, the museum’s curator, has also noted that the transition to hybrid represents a watershed moment in Porsche’s history, especially since the renowned founder began his career using electric motors rather than combustion engines. According to him, the wheel hub motor is an unique exhibit, and it also made the motor more steerable.

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The Lohner-Porsche model had a couple of generators connected to gas engines that allowed electricity to be supplied to the batteries, which at Porsche drove the wheel hub motors. The museum’s principal goal is to raise knowledge about Porsche and its history. Many enthusiasts instantly associate the start of the brand with the classic Porsche 911, but it actually dates back far more than that.

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