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Why Kia Is So Popular In India ? 5 Things About Kia Motors India

When South Korean car brand Kia launched its first SUV, Kia Seltos, in India in August 2019, it had a lot of odds stacked up against it. The sector itself was going through the worst ever sales slump across two and four wheelers. Added to that, India is predominantly a small car market, leaving a large section of buyers away from it. “KIA’s successful entry in India has further enabled the group to gain market share.

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KIA is a great example of successful badge engineering, something other original equipment manufacturers like Renault-Nissan have been unable to accomplish Its attractive price point at around Rs 9.8 lakhs, Indian love for compact SUVs, and its futuristic technology, and the tiger-nose grille design was too good to pass up. The car was already BS6 compliant which would mean that buyers would not have to worry about changing regulations for a long time. Their range offers the best engine options as well. The success was replicated by all their launches after like Kia Sonet and Kia Carnival had a lot of “cool features” like voice commands, a sun roof (which is now an ultra popular feature across cars of all sizes), wireless charging and more.

So what really makes Kia Motors a strong brand in India, what are the reasons they follow? Let’s discuss it all here.

1. A Long List Of Feature

Starting with the first car kia cars are the most feature loaded cars in the segment. In each and every model in the market comes with bundle of features. Following the sister brand Hyundai Kia cars has lot to offer on their car. Feature list is almost endless like heads up display, premium sound speakers, 360 degree camera and ventilated seats altogether at the good price point.

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2. Astonishing Acceptance

Kia Motors India is one of the new carmakers in India that achieved instant popularity with all of its products. First, they brought in the Seltos in 2019, the luxury MPV Carnival in 2020 and then the cute yet sharper-looking compact SUV, Sonet. And not one of their products failed. Kia Motors recently achieved a milestone of 3,00,000 unit in such short period of time. In 2021 Seltos and Sonet are the most demanding cars from Kia with waiting period of almost 6 months which means brand is doing mind-blowing.

3. Kia For All

We would not be be wrong if we sat Kia has cars for all. Starting from around Rs 8 Lakh budget to Rs 20 Lakh budget for everyone. Kia also offers wide variety of engines & transmission like petrol, turbo petrol & diesel engine too. In transmission option kia offers IMT, CVT, DCT, AT & MT overall makes very comfortable for any buyers to choose in a different aspect.

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4. Powerful Cars

Kia cars not only known for their feature but also they has performance in their cars. Its not hidden from anyone how much capable GT line segment are. Sonet GT Line comes with 1.5 comes with turbo petrol engine which generates 118 bhp & 172 Nm of torque. Kia’s bigger model Seltos comes with 1.4 litre turbo petrol engine which generates 138 bhp & 242 nm torque.

5. Modern Sporty

This is the most genuine reason behind the success of Kia Motors India. Kia never launched boring looks cars, this brand is always step ahead in terms of looks, undoubtedly Kia cars are the extraordinary in terms of looks. The sleek & edge line on car gives car appeals to next level. Some other aesthetic feature like complete LED lighting setup gives Kia cars complete sporty look alike which is very popular in young generation.

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