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Rivian R1T Shines In 70 MPH Range Test: Almost 300 Miles

It almost matched the EPA Highway range, despite all-terrain wheels.

Our colleague Kyle Conner recently range tested the all-electric Rivian R1T pickup truck at 70 mph (113 km/h) for the Out of Spec Reviews channel.

With a 135 kWh battery, the R1T has a combined range of 314 miles (505 Rivian R1S EPA range kilometres), and a highway range of 292.9 miles (471.3 km). Both figures are impressive, but we must keep in mind that they apply exclusively to 21″ Road wheels, and that choosing other types might lower the range, according to Rivian:

  • 20″ All-Terrain – 10-15% reduction, so 267-283 miles (430-455 km)
  • 21″ Road – 314 miles (505 km)
  • 22″ Sport – 5-10% reduction, so 283-298 miles (455-479 km)

The Rivian R1T tested by Kyle Conner was equipped with 20″ all-terrain tires, which means that even a result of 10-15% below EPA would be in line with guidelines.

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The test result is very positive because the R1T was able to cover 289.3 miles (465.5 km).

It’s almost as good as the EPA Highway range for the 21″ Road wheels (within 1%). Compared to the 314 miles of EPA Combined value, it’s just 8% lower, but again, above the manufacturer’s guidelines for the wheel/tire type.

According to the R1T’s display, the car consumed some 124 kWh of energy, which would suggest that the 135 kWh is the total battery capacity. It would give us a brief idea about the battery buffer size of up to 11 kWh.

Overall, a range so close to 300 miles and EPA is a very positive outcome and proof that the Rivian R1T delivers on the promise.

Towing, on the other hand, is a different storey, and one must keep in mind that the range may be cut in half, as The Fast Lane Truck demonstrated with a small and aerodynamic trailer.

Results in brief:

  • 2022 Rivian R1T Quad Motor, 135 kWh, 20″ All-Terrain
    Mileage: 2,000 miles
    Settings: Low suspension setting
  • Speed: about 70 mph (113 km/h)
  • Achieved range: 289.3 miles (465.5 km)
    (the last few miles at a decreased speed)
  • Used energy (according to car’s display): 124 kWh and 2.33 mi/kWh
Kylie Jenner Car Collection | Cars Collection Of Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner Car Collection | Cars Collection Of Kylie Jenner



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