Royal Enfield announces partnership with Helmets For India

Royal Enfield announces partnership with Helmets For India

Royal Enfield And Helmet Partnership

Royal Enfield has established a relationship with Niels-Peter Jansen’s non-profit organisation, ‘Helmets For India.’ The non-profit organisation has been advocating for helmet safety in India, and the cooperation with Royal Enfield aims to improve road safety and influence people’s thinking about it. While Indian traffic safety laws require the use of a helmet when riding a two-wheeler, adoption remains alarmingly low. Helmets For India has previously conducted a number of initiatives to increase awareness about the need of wearing a helmet. The organisation hopes to leverage the potential of the brand’s huge ecosystem, which includes the community and retail network, with Royal Enfield’s help.

What Is Helmet For India

Royal Enfield announces partnership with Helmets For India

Helmets For India is a German filmmaker and former world champion mountain bike racer Niels-Peter Jensen’s initiative that began in 2018. Niels told carandbike about his first trip to India a few years ago and a traffic accident that made him wonder about the use, or rather lack thereof, of helmets on two-wheelers. He claims that the experience drove him to take command and effect change for the sake of safety. Helmets For India uses art to make its statement with helmets being the canvas. As Niels puts it, both art and motorcycles stand for freedom and have the ability to connect with people transcending beyond the borders. The organisation has used self-expression and art as a means of inspiration to unite the global motorcycle community and raise awareness for the cause of educating millions on the need to wear a helmet.

What Is The Partnership

B. Govindarajan, Royal Enfield’s Executive Director, said of the collaboration: “For us at Royal Enfield, cultivating a culture of safe riding among enthusiasts has been an important part of creating the ultimate motorcycling experience. This goal’s primary pillars have been raising awareness about road safety, ensuring that the proper riding gear is used, and, most critically, assuring helmet safety. Helmets For India is a one-of-a-kind campaign that encourages motorcyclists to think of helmets as extensions of their personalities as well as essential safety equipment. This fit in well with our own philosophy of motorcycling as a form of self-expression, and we are thrilled to be working with Niels and Helmets For India.”

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Helmets For India founder Niels-Peter Jensen stated, “Helmets For India is a labour of love formed out of a cause that has grown extremely personal to me in recent years. Every year, India loses a considerable number of lives due to a lack of road safety awareness. At Helmets For India, we’re working hard to find new and exciting ways to educate the riding community about the significance of road safety and helmet use. We’re ecstatic to be working with a worldwide motorcycle brand like Royal Enfield to help us create positive change and encourage riders to accept helmets as essential companions on their journeys.”

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