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Russian EV Chargers Hacked, Screen Reads “Glory To Ukraine!”

While areas around Ukraine get free Tesla Supercharging for all EVs, Russia’s public chargers are being hacked.

We just informed you that Tesla is providing free Supercharging to all EVs in places throughout Ukraine. This endeavour should assist at least some people in fleeing unsafe situations. Meanwhile, it appears that Russian public charging stations have been hacked to show pro-Ukraine and anti-Russian President Vladimir Putin slogans.

As you can see in the video above, the screen on the charging station has a message that reads “Slava Ukraini!,” which reportedly translates to “Glory to Ukraine!” As YouTube channel The EV Universe points out, the Russian charging stalls were “attacked.”

The LCD on the charging station, as seen in the video above, displays the message “Slava Ukraini!” which supposedly translates to “Glory to Ukraine!” The Russian charging stalls were “attacked,” according to YouTube video The EV Universe.

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The attack forced the screens to display messages in opposition to Putin. The EV Channel notes that the original video came from a Twitter post by Ukrinform (@UKRINFORM), and The EV Universe shared it both on Twitter and YouTube, with credit to the original. However, at this point, it’s making its way all over the internet and social media.

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According to details provided by The EV Universe, the electric vehicle charging stations are also displaying messages in support of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The short video includes some dialogue, though it’s not in English. In summary, it seems the people taking the video were in Moscow, perhaps on the way to St. Petersburg, though they may have already been to St. Petersburg as well.

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The text on the charging station’s display screen is written in Russian. As you watch the screen on the video, it also notes (in English) that there are no charging plugs available. While we don’t know for sure, the hacking could have also rendered the station inoperable.

While this is just one example, it demonstrates how technology and hacking are being employed in modern warfare. Other reports from Ukraine claim that authorities have ordered alterations to electronic road signs in order to confuse Russian troops.

According to reports, not only were road signs changed to confuse drivers, but they were also programmed to display messages similar to what we see on these charging stations, but some exhibited language that was not appropriate for work.

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Source: InsideEV

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