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Sedans to miss in 2022

There are a lot of sedans to miss in 2022, creating a memory. Sedans used to be a trend for premium feeling in sedans. People used to buy hatchbacks but there were still sedans with a soul of driving. Here are some of the sedans that car enthusiasts miss in 2022.

1. Honda Civic

The Honda Civic’s tenth generation is not something enthusiasts do miss in 2022. It was the eighth generation that enthusiasts miss a lot. Honda had created a different league when the eighth-generation Civic came to India. One thing that enthusiasts loved was the i-vtec motor magic. Honda’s naturally aspirated used to rock with the manual transmission. Their last hurrah lacked manual with petrol which was a major disappointment.

2. BMW 5 Series E60

sedans to miss in 2022

The BMW 5 Series E60 had a phenomenal design language. There is no doubt the newer models were also fantastic. One thing that BMW lacks is design. Many people will surely hate the design of the new BMW i7. This is something that BMW is doing wrong with new cars. BMW makes excellent designs but modern designs just don’t sound appealing. A person must at least get the current 5-series before BMW launches a new generation with an unattractive design. The design of the E60 is the reason enthusiasts miss older BMW cars.

3. Mitsubishi Cedia

The Mitsubishi Cedia is one of the sedans to miss in 2022 for its soul of driving. Mitsubishi just needed to focus on reliability which could have been better for the product. The Japanese car was just another level for its handling around the corners. Mitsubishi used a 2-liter naturally aspirated engine which was a luxury car-oriented engine but the results were still phenomenal. It’s a product to miss in the current year.

4. Toyota Corolla Altis

The Toyota Corolla Altis was just another level in terms of luxury and features. One thing that everyone loved was the petrol engine. It also offered a diesel but it couldn’t beat the gasoline. Toyota can do much better but they are lazy with products. It’s very sad to see that their great products left India. Rebranded products don’t give the feel of a Toyota car.

5. Chevrolet Cruze

sedans to miss in 2022

The Chevrolet Cruze was a diesel rocket that loved to drink a lot of diesel. It was something that was a rewarding diamond for an enthusiast. It was very unfortunate that Chevy had quit India. Many car enthusiasts still look for a well-maintained Cruze in the pre-owned car market.

Our list of sedans ends here for now. There have been a lot of great sedans that left India. Do you miss any sedan that is no more in India? Do write to us in the comment section.

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