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See Arizona Police Use Grappler On Fleeing Suspect To End Car Chase

Once it’s hooked up, there’s no hope of running.

Pursuits by cops can be exciting to watch, but they are always dangerous. A new technology called the Grappler was introduced a few years ago as a way to halt runaway automobiles without spinning them out. It’s now in use, and it’s highly effective, as the video above shows.

On April 29, the incident occurred in and around Phoenix, Arizona. A man was discovered unconscious in a running car at 2:30 p.m. local time, according to Fox 10 News. When police arrived, they saw weapons within reach of the passed-out motorist, who was slumped behind the wheel. The man ultimately awoke, slammed the police cars surrounding him, and fled down the highway. Officers didn’t pursue at that point, but a police helicopter kept an eye on the silver sedan that looks like a Ford Fusion to our eye.

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The Grappler has arrived. The video begins with aerial footage of the vehicle with no police activity visible. Undercover units are following the suspect, and it looks that he is unaware of their presence until the Grappler emerges. This device consists of a web of high-strength straps that loop around the back wheel. It’s fastened to the front of the police car, and once activated, it binds the pursuer and the pursued.

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While one SUV passes the sedan, another approaches from behind. It just takes 10 seconds after that pass for the vehicle to come to a complete halt. Two more troops appear from behind, but the pursuit is finished. Compared to a PIT maneuver that sends a vehicle spinning out of control, the Grappler just brings everything to a screeching halt. That’s exactly what happens here.

However, the suspect isn’t ready to go down without a fight. After a tense standoff with shots fired, the driver is pulled from the car and taken into custody. He was accused of multiple offenses including criminal damage, driving under the influence, weapons and drug charges, and fleeing law enforcement. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries.

Source: Fox 10 Phoenix

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