See Police, Fire Vehicles Crash In Slow Motion On Slick Road In Canada

In a video shared online, a pickup truck from a fire department could be seen sliding down a hill.

While some regions of the US and Canada have begun preparing for the winter, it’s uncommon to see first responders themselves suffer an accident due to slippery, icy roads. However, some motorists are unavoidably caught off guard by the weather change. Three of these vehicles were recently involved in an accident on a snow-covered road about 340 miles north of Vancouver.

It was bad because some roads were closed after the region experienced its first significant snowfall of the season. However, two police cars and a fire department pickup truck could be seen slipping down a hill in a TikTok video. These vehicles might have been there to help other drivers, block the street, or both.

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In the video, you can see several cars that are either off the road or stacked up after minor collisions. To make matters worse, a Williams Lake Fire Department truck pushed a marked police SUV into the unmarked SUV. Although the steepness of the incline is not shown in the video, the camera’s slow-motion slide-by and subsequent collision do.

Another TikTok video posted online focuses on a Royal Canadian Mounted Police police SUV. As was previously observed, the car swerves helplessly to the left and right as the driver tries in vain to regain control. Thankfully, there are no injuries despite the minor damage the Ford Explorer patrol car causes to the truck.

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The Denver Police Department reported on social media earlier this week that the first snowfall of the season caused a huge pile-up of about 100 vehicles on a snow-covered road in Colorado, US. According to the police, the Denver metro area received two to five inches of snow overnight, and a large car crash resulting from slick roads as a result of that snow involved about 100 drivers.