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Skoda Uses Seat Covers Made From Recycled PET bottles

Sustainable Car Seats Are Being Used By Skoda Auto

For the interior of the all-electric Skoda Enyaq iV, Skoda Auto has replaced its classic equipment lines with Design Selections. For the seat coverings of the Design Selection LODGE, the Czech automobile manufacturer blends wool with recycled polyester from throwaway PET bottles. The firm is developing sustainable, recyclable, and durable materials for use in series manufacturing in conjunction with suppliers and the scientific community.

Skoda Surfaced A video

Skoda Uses Seat Covers Made From Recycled PET bottles

For decades, Skoda Auto has collaborated with the Czech supplier Sage Automotive Interiors of Strakonice. It creates cutting-edge materials that are subsequently mass-produced in large quantities. Fabrics manufactured from recycled plastic bottles are used in the all-electric Skoda Enyaq iV’s Design Selection LODGE. Fabrics with specific fibres that act as seat warmers and improve comfort, as well as special reflective yarns, are also developed by the business. The firm collaborates closely with Liberec Technical University.

AUNDE also creates specialised fabrics for the Skoda Enyaq iV using recycled PET bottles and wool. Crushed bottles are melted and ground into granulate. This is used to create a long-lasting yarn. 6,000 such threads are woven into a durable cloth according to Skoda’s interior designers’ standards once on the loom. After that, the material is cleaned and dried to ensure that it is stable.

Final Verdict

Skoda Auto is committed to sustainability throughout the whole value chain. The automaker collaborates with suppliers and scientists to develop new materials, which are subsequently utilised in series manufacturing. The seat coverings for the ENYAQ iV are produced from wool and recycled throwaway bottles, as seen in this video.

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