Slipper Clutch Explained | All About Slipper Clutch

Slipper Clutch Explained | All About Slipper Clutch
Slipper Clutch Explained | All About Slipper Clutch

What Is A Slipper Clutch ?

The engine, transmission, and, to some extent, the suspension system all play a role in bike performance. The slipper clutch, on the other hand, is a critical component in this setting. It used to be limited to premium and luxury automobiles, but it is now available in a variety of entry and mid-level categories. Slipper clutches are now standard on many bikes, and bike makers and brands tout them as unique selling points.

How Does It Work ?

Slipper Clutch Explained | All About Slipper Clutch

A slipper clutch makes it easier for the clutch to slip during downshifting or heavy braking, ensuring that the vehicle speed remains perfectly in rhythm with the engine’s revving speed. This prevents the rear wheel from locking up. Let’s say you’re riding your bike down the highway at more than 90 kph when something unexpectedly appears in front of you. Hard braking is unavoidable in this circumstance. At the same time, riders will attempt to reduce vehicle speed by downshifting at least two gears. However, this will put strain on the gearbox, and the engine’s braking force or the rear wheels’ slowing force may cause them to lock up completely. They may also begin to wobble, resulting in a preventable disaster. As a result, a slipper clutch comes in handy in this situation.

Motorcycles without slipper clutches rapidly transfer engine braking or slowing force to the back wheel, resulting in lock-ups or wobbles. Any such scenario is avoided thanks to the slipper clutch. It makes braking or downshifting at higher speeds and then accelerating again safer. As a result, all high-performance bikes come equipped with slipper clutches as standard, allowing riders to engage in safer hard braking in such scenarios. As can be seen, the slipper clutch is now standard equipment on almost all motorcycles, not just performance ones.

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It contributes significantly to maintaining safety in a variety of scenarios. When purchasing your next model in practically any market segment, you should consider a bike with a slipper clutch.

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