Spanners Customs’ modified Royal Enfield Machismo

Another outstanding item from the formerly British and now Indian motorcycle company was the Royal Enfield Machismo. Machismo has chrome paint all over and has an Electra-style seat and colour tone, giving it the impression of being a hybrid between Classic Chrome and Electra 350.

Spanners Customs' modified Royal Enfield Machismo

The 1990 Machismo utilised in this article was nearly corroded, and Spanners Customs found it difficult to bring it back to life. The final product is a typical modern cruiser that places equal focus on safety and comfort. This Blue and White Edition uses front disc and rear backrest for safety and comfort-related reasons, in contrast to the original Machismo with drum brake.

Due to severe damage to the original fuel tank, a new fuel tank with a dual-tone shade was installed for the safety of the riders. On Machismo 350, a high handlebar was used to achieve the ideal straight back posture. While a black dual barrel exhaust is employed to create the trademark roaring RE feel, the seat is also well-padded.

Spanners Customs' modified Royal Enfield Machismo

A set of dual-tone alloy wheels with a balanced black/chrome finish have been used by Spanners Customs. For that premium cruiser impression, the front fender was done in a White hue while the back received a Blue finish. For a perfect sync, suspension was also painted.

The 346cc cast iron engine that powers the Royal Enfield Machismo is mated to a 4-speed transmission. The gear lever of the Machismo is located on the right side of the engine, in contrast to modern models.

According to Spanners Customs, this Machismo’s modification cost is INR 1 Lakh. The typical Bullet front fascia’s design was left untouched, and the addition of black paint made it appear better than Machismo 350’s original maroon colour. Royal Enfield’s current Bullet 350 model is priced at INR 1.15 lakh.