We all adore touchscreen infotainment systems in automobiles. That is one of the advantages of modern car cabins. However, in the midst of our frequent use of touch-sensitive displays, we frequently forget to take care of those delicate digital screens. We frequently touch car touchscreens with dirty or sweaty hands, leaving fingerprints or scratches on the screens. In addition, improper cleaning leaves spots and scratches on the displays. Simple methods for cleaning the car’s touchscreens can be used to avoid leaving scratches or spots on them.

People frequently clean their car touchscreens by rubbing the cleaning cloths vigorously, which leaves scratches on the display. These scratches may not be permanent, but they do look bad on gleaming digital displays. Here are some simple methods for removing scratches without damaging the display.

However, before you continue reading, keep in mind that it is always best to use a glass protector on the car’s touchscreen display to remove scratches. These guards serve as buffers between the glass and any other externally touching elements. In addition, if the glass protector becomes scratched or damaged, it can be easily replaced, which is far more convenient and cost-effective than replacing the entire digital display.

Use toothpaste to remove scratches. Toothpaste can be used to remove scratches from a car’s touchscreen. Dip a soft cloth or cotton in a small amount of toothpaste. Gently rub the cloth or cotton on the vehicle screen. Rub it in a spinning motion rather than randomly. Avoid using too much toothpaste and rubbing the cloth too hard against the screen. After that, wipe the screen clean with a soft, dry cloth to remove the toothpaste.

Scratches can be removed with baking powder. Scratches on a touchscreen infotainment display can be removed with baking powder. Combine a small amount of water and an appropriate amount of baking powder. Mix until it forms a paste. Dip a soft cloth in the paste before gently rubbing it on the screen in a spinning motion. After that, take a clean, soft cloth and wipe the baking soda and water paste from the screen.

To repair scratches, use vegetable oil. While there are several visible scratches on the touchscreen, there are also some invisible and small scratches that are difficult to find. However, using vegetable oil to remove them can be beneficial. Gently rub the screen with a soft cloth that has been lightly dipped in vegetable oil. After rubbing it for about 10-15 minutes, clean the oil from the screen with a clean cloth. Make sure you only use normal temperature oil, not hot or cold.

Scratch-removal creams should be used. There are specific scratch-elimination creams on the market that can be useful in removing scratches from the car touchscreen. Apply a small amount of cream to a soft cloth and gently wipe the screen. Also, rub the cloth in a spinning motion rather than randomly. Continue this process for 15-20 minutes, and then wipe away the cream with a clean cloth. This will assist in removing the scratches from the touchscreen.

How to remove scratches from car touchscreen ?

Step 1 : Remove scratches using toothpaste

Step 2 : Use baking powder to remove scratches

Step 3 : Use vegetable oil to fix scratches

Step 4 : Use scratch-elimination creams


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