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Supercar Clubs In India

For most of us, owning a Ferrari is a pipe dream. Take a look inside India’s supercar clubs and learn about their activities during their meet-ups.

We know that all of the country’s wealthy people have a supercar in their garage. They, on the other hand, are rarely seen in Indian city streets. Because, let’s face it, driving a Ferrari on India’s metropolitan streets isn’t much fun. To begin with, due to traffic, you are unable to crank up the engine and let her run.

In addition, while trying to squeeze between vehicles during a traffic congestion, motorcyclists and scooterists may scrape your car’s bumper. Then there are the high-speed dividers and deep potholes, which cause mayhem with low-slung supercars. Until the supercar clubs arrived on the scene, supercars were condemned to languish in the garage except for the occasional nocturnal drive. These exclusive and exclusive supercar clubs organise events for its wealthy members and give them the opportunity to test the muscle of their supercars in perfect driving conditions. Consider joining one of these supercar clubs.


  • Super Car Clubs member count has gone over 300 in 10 years time
  • Throttle 97 set the fastest 1/4mile record for a production car at TVR
  • CannonBall Club is the first club to organize “Supercar Track Day”

1. The Super Car Club

The Super Car Club, founded in 2009 by Gautam Singhania, Director of The Raymond Groups, is one of India’s largest supercar clubs. Within a decade of its founding, the organisation had grown to 300 members around the country. Members of the club are entitled to a number of privileges both in India and abroad. Raymond Race Track is owned by this club and is used for events. Its members are also given the opportunity to visit tracks outside of India. It also conducts auto exhibits and drives all throughout India.

2. Throttle 97

Throttle 97, which was started in 2014, already has approximately 200 members that share a passion for supercars. This club has a lot to speak about, from rumbling V8’s, mind-boggling V10’s, and the sounds of Turbos spooling to 130+ supercars participating in the Independence Day drive, establishing the quickest 1/4 mile record for a production vehicle in India at TVR 2019, and much more. Throughout the year, the club organises numerous drives. But it’s not only about the drives; it’s also famed for the track days it hosts on a regular basis.

3. The CannonBall Club

The CannonBall Club, founded in December 2009, began its adventure with an abandoned Daewoo plant and only one BMW M5. The club featured a regular line-up that comprised the bulk of Delhi’s supercars in only one year. The organisation has regular drives and track activities and is growing its reach across the country. With almost 40 supercars, it was the first club to host a “Supercar Track Day” at The Buddh International Circuit. In addition, the club was able to organise a number of international events.


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