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Most Supra Buyers Will Choose Auto Over Manual: Toyota Predicted

A manual gearbox for the A90 Supra has been demanded by enthusiasts and admirers. It maintains a row-your-own transmission option, as did all of Toyota’s prior versions. Last but not least, the A90 Supra now maintains the custom established by the first four generations, all of which had a row-your-own transmission option.

Toyota thinks that most Supra purchasers will still opt for an automatic transmission over a manual one, despite the uproar the manual 2023 Supra caused when it was first unveiled. Only 25% of Toyota Supra sales will have an MT, according to Paul Hogard, a spokesman for Toyota North America in an email to The Drive.

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The Hogard confirmation genuinely reflects the direction of the market. Many businesses have already stated that they will stop using stick shifts. Mercedes-Benz announced that it will gradually phase out manual gearboxes as early as 2023, while Volkswagen affirmed that MT choices will be gone by 2030.

It’s a mixed bag for performing brands though. Due to consumer desire, Audi has long since abandoned the MT on its performance vehicles. The MT, on the other hand, is preferred by 50% of M2 buyers, according to BMW M, which prompted the manufacturer to pledge to support it as long as feasible.

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There won’t be any price difference between the MT and AT Supra, though the stick-shift will be exclusively available for the six-cylinder version. If you’re among those who have been clamoring for a manual Supra in the past few years, it’s time to prove Toyota wrong and buy a red-badged Supra with a BMW Z4-derived manual gearbox.

Source: The Drive


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