Tesla Delivered Almost a Million EVs Worldwide in 2021

Tesla Delivered Almost a Million EVs Worldwide in 2021
Tesla Delivered Almost a Million EVs Worldwide in 2021

The electric vehicle manufacturer does not release sales data for the United States alone, but boasts that year-over-year sales increased by an incredible 87 percent in a volatile market.

  • In 2021, Tesla says, it delivered 936,172 vehicles around the world. Exactly how many were in the U.S.—or in China or Europe or elsewhere—the company isn’t saying and doesn’t have a habit of ever saying.
  • The sales figures were an 87 percent increase from Tesla’s 2020 sales, and the automaker has now posted six quarters of record high deliveries in a row.
  • The best way we can tell how many EVs Tesla sold in the U.S. comes from a recent recall, in which the company said it would fix all of the Model 3 sedans it sold from 2017 to 2020: 356,309.

Anyone who believes that the traditional automakers are catching up to Tesla in the electric vehicle sales race should take a look at some recently disclosed data. Tesla said over the weekend that it delivered 308,600 automobiles in the fourth quarter of 2021. Model S and Model X EVs accounted for 11,750 of those deliveries, with Model 3 and Model Y deliveries accounting for the majority (296,850). Tesla’s full-year deliveries in 2021 were 936,172 automobiles, according to these figures.

Based on Tesla’s announcement dated January 2, the 936,000 vehicle deliveries represent an 87 percent increase from 2020, according to Reuters and other news sources, while the 306,600 deliveries for the quarter mean that Tesla delivered 71 percent more electric vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2021 than it did a year earlier.

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Tesla says its 308,600 deliveries last quarter set a new record, surpassing the 241,300 electric vehicles it shipped in the previous record quarter, the third quarter of 2021. Reuters claims that Tesla has reached new record delivery numbers for the sixth quarter in a row, despite the car industry’s well-known supply chain issues and a shortage of semiconductor chips.

Tesla does not break out its deliveries by country, although according to the New York Times, its sales are best in Europe and China. Although Tesla dubbed those two regions “key markets” in its most recent SEC filing, the United States is still where the company makes the most money. According to an SEC report from the third quarter of 2021, Tesla produced more over $6 billion in sales in the United States, compared to $3.1 billion in China and $4.2 billion in “other” nations.
In terms of the amount of Teslas sold in the United States, we know that it sold 356,309 Model 3s from 2017 to 2020, or little under 90,000 per year on average.

Of course, since Tesla’s sales are increasing, that figure isn’t accurate for a year. In any case, the confirmation came in the form of recent recall paperwork relating to issues with the backup camera’s wiring harness on the EV. Perhaps we’ll hear more about how many of the nearly million EVs the California carmaker sold last year were sold in its native country when the company’s next large recall occurs.


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