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Tesla Roadster & Cybertruck Top World’s Most Anticipated EVs List

The most anticipated EVs according to the amount of global searches are the future Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster models. From most anticipated to most desired, both globally and in the United States, rankings for various categories of electric vehicles were created by the UK-based leasing comparison company LeaseFetcher using data from Google searches. Nearly seven million searches are made for the yet-to-be-released Tesla Roadster each month globally.

Another planned Tesla product, the eagerly awaited Cybertruck, is in second position this year with a total of 6,612,000 searches. These statistics are intriguing given that the Cybertruck is essentially in the same scenario as the second-generation Tesla Roadster, which was first unveiled in 2017 but has yet to go into production. (augustafreepress.com) The recently unveiled Volkswagen ID. Buzz electric people carrier and the fictitious Apple Car can be seen if you scroll lower down the page.

The Cybertruck takes the top spot as the most anticipated EV in the US, while the second-generation Roadster comes in at number two. Third-placed GMC Hummer EV is followed by Apple Car and Cadillac Lyriq, rounding out the top five.

Leaving forthcoming vehicles aside, Tesla once again topped the list of the most sought-after EVs in the world, with the Model 3 coming in first at a staggering 25 million searches throughout the year. The Kia EV6 and Tesla Model Y are the next-most popular EVs.

The tables for the US show a slightly different picture, with Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y taking the top two spots on the list of the most coveted EVs, followed by the Ford Mustang Mach-E in third. In contrast, the Rivian R1T is ranked ninth, ahead of the Polestar 2, which is ranked last on the list, but behind the Porsche Taycan.

The Tesla Model 3 maintained its top spot as of 2021, according to LeaseFetcher, who analysed country-by-country search data.


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