The Pagani V12-Swapped RX-7 From the Genius Minds of Kyza, Live To Offend, and Gooichi Motors

The Mazda RX-7 is highly regarded for its rotary engine, which kept it in demand long after production ceased.

With the exception of the Mazda rotary engine range extender, which will undoubtedly make its debut with the MX-30 next year, there has been a lot of clamour for the rotary engine to return. However, this isn’t happening just yet.

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But the RX-7 has been involved in a number of engine swaps, essentially because a number of other people no longer want to deal with rotary engines. This build by Florida’s Gooichi Motors should be the craziest and coolest of all the RX-7 engine swaps we’ve seen so far.

That’s as a result of the V12 engine that powers this Mazda RX-7. Additionally, the 12-pot mill is actually an M120 V12 from a Pagani Zonda, an Italian supercar. The build’s power output was not made public, but the 7.3-liter engine in the Zonda has a maximum output of 789 horsepower (588 kilowatts) and 627 pound-feet (850 Newton-meters) of torque.

It wasn’t easy to cram the enormous Mercedes-Benz V12 into the RX-7’s engine compartment. Many of the components need to be made specifically for the vehicle, including the billet dry sump pan that needed to be 3D-scanned for fitting and the 6-1 equal-length manifold collectors.

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The people from Gooichi Motors had to remove the hood, as you can see in the video, in order to fit the V12, but they promised that a custom hood with cutouts is on the way.

Speaking of the body, Khyzyl Saleem created this wide body kit (also known as The Kyza). It is produced in a small quantity under the Live to Offend brand.

Although not finished, the Pagani-swapped RX-7 was ready in time for this year’s SEMA Show.