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Thief Steals Cars Worth Rs 10 Crores ! Aston Martin And Range Rover Bangalore

Thief Steals Cars Worth Rs 10 Crores! Aston Martin And Range Rover Bangalore

It is not uncommon for cars to be stolen in India. We occasionally receive reports that little and economical automobiles are being stolen in the nation by robbers. Although stealing ultra-luxurious high-end supercars and SUVs in broad daylight is not a common occurrence. Recently, a guy from Bangalore was caught stealing ten high-end vehicles, including an Aston Martin, Mercedes, Audi, Endeavor, and Thar, among others.

The case developed after it was revealed that a guy named Syed Gibran had been stealing these high-end automobiles and selling them on behalf of their clients. The man charged and detained for the crime was said to be part of a group of three or four people. This gang of people used to scour the internet and their own sources for persons willing to sell their costly supercars and SUVs. The accused Syed would then inform these affluent businessmen that he would sell their vehicles for a profit.

However, instead of selling these automobiles and returning the clients’ money, this individual would end up retaining the cars for himself. According to reports, Gibran was apprehended after threatening one of his clients when the client requested money.

According to Cubbon Park Police, Gibran was detained and a charge was filed against him by Raju, the owner of a Mercedes Benz car. The plaintiff filed a complaint alleging that Gibran stole his Mercedes Benz under the guise of selling it. He stated that Gibran offered to give him Rs 18 lakh as an advance payment when he handed over the original paperwork. Despite the fact that a month had passed, Gibran had not initiated the payment. When Raju demanded payment or the return of his automobile, Gibran warned him with grave repercussions if he complained. Following this, Raju filed an official report, and Gibran was detained by police.

During the investigations, it was also established that Syed Gibran had significant links with several financial businesses and used automobile dealers around the city and neighbouring states. According to reports, Gibran and his friends sought for persons with outstanding loans and would target them by claiming that he would sell or rent their automobiles for a better price in Bangalore, luring them to give him the original paperwork for these vehicles. He would later do the same thing to Raju.

It has also been stated that he dealt with stolen vehicles. He once stole a Mercedes Benz with the assistance of his buddies Kiran and Monish Gajendra. He subsequently sold the automobile to a guy from Hyderabad named Parvatham Hemchandra. Hemchandra knew the automobile was stolen, yet he nevertheless purchased it at a lesser price than what was available on the market. Police further stated that Gibran advised purchasers of stolen automobiles to use false licence plates in order to avoid being detected by police.


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