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This Armored Aston Martin Vantage Can Stop A .44 Magnum

Although you’ll never be James Bond, this bullet-resistant Aston Martin Vantage from AddArmor will give you a taste of what it’s like to travel like the super spy. The B4 level of protection on the sports coupe can stop shots as powerful as.44 magnum,.357 magnum, and 9mm parabellum.

The windshield and door windows of the armoured Vantage are bullet-resistant. AddArmor uses 450 pounds (204 kilogrammes) of Kevlar to maintain the weight growth to a minimum. Blast-resistant reinforced steel protects the roof and fuel tank, among other things. The firewall is protected by composite materials.

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Don’t even think about trying to open the door in an effort to pull someone out of this vehicle because AddArmor adds an electric shock function to the door handles.

To escape a bad situation, AddArmor adds run-flat tires. There are covers over the exhaust tips to prevent an antagonist from putting a foreign object into the pipes. The company also revises the suspension to compensate for the added weight from all protective equipment. 

It’s difficult to discern that this isn’t a regular Vantage from the photographs (seen above). The mesh in the exhaust ports can be seen from the outside, but that’s something most people won’t notice once the car is on the road.

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The cabin is just as sumptuous as you’d expect from a Vantage. You can notice how much thicker the glass is in stock condition by looking at the doors. In addition, the door handles now have a button to initiate the electric shock.

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A 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 produces 503 horsepower (375 kilowatts) and 505 pound-feet (685 Newton-meters) in the basic version of the newest Vantage. Only an eight-speed automatic transmission is available. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, it accelerates to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 3.6 seconds. The added weight from the armour and other modifications would almost certainly cause the AddArmor-modified version to take longer.

The Vantage F1 Edition is a new addition to Aston Martin’s portfolio. The engine is the same, but the power is increased to 528 (394 kW) while the torque remains unchanged at 505 lb-ft. The company also offers a limited-run V12 with 690 horsepower (515 kW).

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