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This C8 Corvette With Neon Yellow Stripes Belongs In A Tron Movie

Over the last decade, the field of automobile wraps has truly taken off, with radical new designs often creating waves in the industry. This Chevrolet Corvette Stingray’s wrap is one of the most interesting we’ve seen in a long time.

DreamWraps, located in Newport, Kentucky, produced the wrap in question, although it’s not a wrap in the usual sense. Unlike automobile owners who want to make a statement by having the entire vehicle wrapped in a new colour or numerous hues, DreamWraps just put reflecting bright yellow lines to this Corvette, but they have a significant influence on how it appears.

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This Corvette C8 is painted in Chevy’s Rapid Blue, one of the vibrant colours available for the mid-engined sports vehicle. After that, the bright yellow lines were applied to practically every design line, edge, and angle on the Corvette. With yellow accents over the front splitter and surrounding the grille, air intakes, bumper, headlamps, and hood, the front end is extremely detailed.

These lines continue over the top and down the sides of the vehicle, culminating in accents across the wing, bumper, and around the licence plate at the back. Aftermarket wheels with matte black spokes and bright yellow outer rims let the car stand out even more. The brake callipers on the ‘Vette are similarly bright yellow.

The automobile, as eye-catching as it is during the day, is much more so at night, when the reflective lines transform it into something straight out of Tron.

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