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This Guy Accidentally Pumped Diesel Into a McLaren F1 GTR Race Car

Yet, a gearhead with 25 years of experience did it.

Putting the wrong fuel in your car’s tank causes a lot of problems. If you drive a modern automobile, you’re less likely to fill up with diesel instead of gasoline, or vice versa, because the wrong nozzle won’t fit in the hole. Even so, the gas station could make a mistake, although this is a very rare occurrence. However, if you drive an older car, you should be more cautious because there is nothing to prevent you from filling up with the incorrect fuel. And, as you’re surely aware, the McLaren F1 GTR is an older model.

The first race car was developed in 1995, years before some manufacturers began including misfueling protection mechanisms in their vehicles. As you might expect, thanks to the F1 GTR’s huge fuel aperture, filling up a tank of diesel instead of regular gasoline is a breeze. Francois Perrodo, an amateur racing driver, recently did just that. Ouch!

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It’s always a blow to your ego to admit that you’ve made a mistake. Perrodo, on the other hand, decided to post his gaffe on social media for all to see and, most likely, laugh at. Perrodo describes how he wanted to have a lovely track day a few weeks ago, but everything ended up with the F1 GTR not starting its engine in two Instagram images. Above the car’s fuel cap is a “Francois No Diesel” sticker.

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“I’m not sure what was going through my mind at the time (probably nothing), but I was so delighted and excited that I immediately grabbed the first nozzle available (which happened to be blue, like 97 ultimate!) and started filling the car,” Perrodo says. “Anyway, a word of advice to McLaren F1 owners: the car is fantastic, and you’d believe Gordon made no concessions.” The automobile won’t operate on diesel unless he does one…”

We don’t know the vehicle’s current state or whether it can start its engine. If you put a tank of diesel in a gasoline automobile, you’ll normally need to drain the tank, flush the system, and replace the fuel filters. If you’re lucky, the engine will start up and run smoothly again after you’ve given it the gasoline it needs. But we’re not so convinced it’s that simple with the F1 GTR.

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Source: The Drive

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