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This Porsche Boxster Inspired Speedboat, will Blow Your Mind !

You’ve been able to venture off road in a Porsche for a while now, but now you can go off land in one too.

Bring a Trailer is currently auctioning off a 1995 Craig Craft 168 Boss dubbed the “Porsche Boat.” The sporty watercraft isn’t a Porsche, but it does share several design cues with the German automaker’s sports cars from that era.

The Craig Craft 168 is a 16-foot speed boat that cuts through the water like a Porsche. Specifically, it looks like the Boxster, the two-seat roadster that the automaker introduced in 1996. The curvaceous bodywork, nose, Bosch headlights, sideview mirrors, and taillights on the boat aren’t exactly the same as those on the German convertible, but they’re pretty close. The Porsche crest on the hood helps to emphasise this. The top half of the fibreglass hull is gloss black, while the bottom half is bright yellow.

The boat’s interior is the inverse of its exterior. It is made of yellow vinyl with black accents. One of the most noticeable differences between the boat and the car is that the boat has four seats rather than two. The dashboard features Porsche and Boss decals, a three-spoke steering wheel, and a cockpit with an 80-mph speedometer, tachometer, and gauges. A centre console with cup holders, storage space, a Boss stereo, and Kenwood speakers round out the interior.

The Craig Craft 168 is powered by a GM-derived 4.3-liter V-6 installed last year, as well as a Berkeley Jet Drive with a hydraulically-actuated reverse bucket that provides forward and reverse propulsion. The watercraft cannot drive on land, but it comes with a white single-axle Shore Land’r trailer to make transportation easier. Consider how this will appear behind your Macan.

The auction for the Porsche-inspired boat will last until next Monday. Bidding for the unique watercraft had already reached $18,000 as of press time. It may not be a true Porsche, but the boat is sure to turn heads down at the shore.


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