Top 10 Best Widebody Kit Of All Time | Insane Widebody Kits Every Made

Best widebody kit

Some of the well-known widebody kit brands include Veilside, Mansory, Novitec Group, Hamann Motorsport, Liberty Walk, and Rocket Bunny.

Widebody kits have always made the cars look cooler and faster. Fun fact, that the first widebody kit was made by Carol Shelby in 1960 for the Shelby Cobra. Since that day car guys are obsessed with widebody kits and have a high demand in the cheap sports car market.

10. Rocket Bunny 86

Top 10 Best Widebody Kit Of All Time

The first car on our list is the Toyota 86 modded with Rocket Bunny widebody kit. This kit is one of the popular widebody kits available on the market. With a sick look, it’s an amazing one to show off at your high school.

9. Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk

Top 10 Best Widebody Kit Of All Time

The Liberty walk body kit for the Ferrari 458 looks insane, it’s just hard to say to make a Ferrari look better. But Liberty Walk has actually done an amazing job by adding rivetted on-body panels. This is an amazing transformation that is designed in Italy into something look from the street of Japan.

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8. Bentley continental GT VAD

Top 10 Best Widebody Kit Of All Time

The Bentley Continental GT is an expensive car to do this kind of mods. With a luxurious look and heavy body, it’s hard to have a wide body kit. But the guys from VAD ( Vision Ability Dedication). The work on this body kit is worth it as considering the car costs tons of money. No owner would like to just paste parts on their cars.

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7. Toyota MK V Supra Liberty Walk

Top 10 Best Widebody Kit Of All Time

As a stock car, the Supra isn’t the car that showed off. With a wide body kit, the car totally looks complete. Liberty Walk widebody kit is a perfect one for this car as get’s an aggressive look.

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6. 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X

Top 10 Best Widebody Kit Of All Time

This one is a personal car of Vaughn Gittin jr. who is a well-known drift champion and is also who created the Brand RTR. RTR stands for ready to race and they modify mustangs by adding spice to it with upgrading perform of the car. This body kit converts the old-school-looking American Muscle to a hot drift car.

5. Ford Mustang Clinched widebody Kit

Top 10 Best Widebody Kit Of All Time

This is the new Ford Mustang widebody kit with many rivets in it that makes the car look insane. This is body kit wider and lower giving it a loaded look.

4. Nissan 240SX S13

Top 10 Best Widebody Kit Of All Time

As the first car on the list, this widebody kit is also a Rocket Bunny Kit designed by Ken Muria. This car is also a sensation in JDM car culture, as the widebody stands out from other cars.

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3. Mazda RX-7

Top 10 Best Widebody Kit Of All Time

The car from the famous movie Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift. The Veilside Kit RX-7 is the car that Haan drove in the movie. This body kit totally changes the look of the Mazda RX-7 which is nowhere close to the stock car. This kit blew away everyone’s minds when it came out in the market and the reason was in the movie.

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2. Ford Mustang Mach-E

Top 10 Best Widebody Kit Of All Time

Another Mustang on the list, which is amazingly fast and has over 1400 horsepower. This is an electric car wide body kit, and that makes it different from other cars on this list.

1. RWB Porsche Kit

Top 10 Best Widebody Kit Of All Time

This is the best widebody kit on the list. This has totally changed the look of German cars to a JDM car. This body kit is called the RWB or Raw Welt Bagriff kit and today it’s one of the most iconic widebody kits of all time.

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