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Top 5 Bikes Indians Are Still Obbesed With

Top 5 Bikes Indians Remained Nostalgic About

Old is gold has been confirmed once more by the fact that these bikes have created such a strong desire to own them. You might be interested in learning what keeps these machines in such high demand even today. Here, we’ve listed five motorcycles that real Indian bike enthusiasts still vividly recall. While some of them are universally regarded as icons, others are humorously recalled. These bikes still own place in the our hearts. Let’s have look.

1. Hero Honda Splendor

Its predecessor, the CD 100, was greeted with fanfare because of its enormous mileage, relative ease of manoeuvrability, and lightness, but this bike quickly overtook it. This first motorcycle from the Hero Corp. stable, the Hero Honda Splendor, served as a sort of replacement. The Splendor exceeded the expectations of the general public, who were hoping for a product that would be on par with or better than the storied CD 100. Hero Group was able to grow throughout India thanks to the motorcycle. It quickly and in large quantities sold out. It was renowned for its affordable price and excellent mileage.

2. Royal Enfield Bullet

The reason for the name “bullet” must have been the bike’s incredible speed and power, which it still possesses today. The 350 cc engine of the motorcycle is renowned for its distinct “thump.” In 1955, the Royal Enfield and the Madras Bike Company merged to become Enfield India. As they say, the rest is history. Over the years, the nation’s pulse has been echoed by the thump of Bullet.

3. Yamaha RX 100

The next bike on this list has a stellar acceleration reputation. The motorcycle had a reputation for having more power than its engine configuration indicated. Many Indians still today still own it and proudly display it. At 8500 RPM, its two-stroke engine produced an impressive 1100 horsepower. In 1985, the bike was introduced. It was far superior to its rivals thanks to its exceptional power and performance at dizzying acceleration. The bike’s owners took great pride in how quickly it gained speed after being stopped.

5. Hero Honda Karizma

One of the first truly fancy bikes for the youth of that era was the Hero Honda Karizma. Although it is fifth on the list, its significance in the popularity rankings and the feelings of nostalgia it evokes are not diminished. It entered to level the playing field and take the lead alongside rivals. And the bike was successful in making a significant dent in the fancy and thrill-seeking sector of the bike market. Due to its high cost and relatively low mileage, the machine somehow failed to withstand the test of time. in a lot of ways. Although the Karizma is no longer seen on the roads today, you can still picture it as a bike with chutzpah, style, and speed.

4. Bajaj Pulsar

In 2001, when extreme fuel efficiency was in, Bajaj Pulsar made its debut. Back then, the one and only Royal Enfield Bullet 350 was a high-capacity motorcycle. Launching the Bajaj Pulsar 150 went against the grain for the company. It completely overran the market. The young and restless were soon entranced by it. The bike made its riders’ adrenaline flow. The bike appeared to be a smooth and comfortable tourer while operating like a speedster. In the ensuing years, it underwent some cosmetic changes that enabled it to take the top spot in the bike segment in terms of sales volume.


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