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Top 5 Insane Supercars You Don’t Know Exist

Ultra Rare Supercars You Should Know

The supercars are the most loved class of cars. These cars have commendable performance figures, style and aesthetics. Some of the automakers are well known for manufacturing supercars. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren and the list goes on. The car models of this brands are popular all over the globe. The enthusiasts try to stay updated with new launches and current line-up of these car brands. However, there are yet many supercars you have never heard about. Check out this 5 weird and one of supercars and hyper cars that you had no idea existed.

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1. SSC Ultimate Aero

Top 5 Insane Supercars You Don't Know Exist
SSC Ultimate Aero

The SSC company is known to all. The company recently came in spotlight because of its supercar breaking land speed records. However, the Tuatara got stuck in controversies the company has a well off history of sports cars. But very few know about the supercar which got the company started. The SSC Ultimate Aero was the kick start for the brand. The car features a supercharged corvette V8 engine. The makers claimed it to be driver’s car and therefore smart tech devices like ABS and traction control were missing. The cars produced 1287 hp and hold a Guinness World Record of fastest production car. The company did it in half the price of Bugatti Veyron Supersport which later dethroned the Ultimate Aero.

2. VLF Force 1

Top 5 Insane Supercars You Don't Know Exist
VLF Force 1

The Force 1 V10 is maybe an ultra rare super car you ever heard of. The car is a well engineered American supercar. Incase, if you don’t know, the VLF automotive is American car company lead by Henrik Fisker, the famous automotive designer. Under the hood lounge a 8.4L Viper V10 engine. The car delivers a improved and fun to ride experience. Notably, only five examples of the Force 1 were ever made. It is now available for a whooping $300,000 price tag.

3. Marussia B2

Top 5 Insane Supercars You Don't Know Exist
Marussia B2

The Marussia Motors was the first Russian company to produce a supercar. The Marussia B2 is a mid-engined sports coupe. The B2 was the successor of B1 model of the brand. The only difference between the B1 and the B2 was cosmetics. Powered by a Opel Sourced engine it goes from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. The car was featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted in 2012, Need for Speed Rivals in 2013. The car was also featured in games like Driveclub in 2014 and also at the official cover art for the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

4. Tramontana

Top 5 Insane Supercars You Don't Know Exist

The Tramontana is a Spanish sports car. The canopy door give feels like a F1 car made for 2. The car features a mid-mounted twin turbocharged Mercedes-Benz 5.5 litre, V12 engine. It is mated to a 6 speed sequential gearbox and churns out 710 hp. Top speed of the sports car is around 325 Km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 in 3.8 seconds. Notably, only 12 are made every year. The cost of the car is upto $570,000.

5. Zenvo ST1

Top 5 Insane Supercars You Don't Know Exist
Zenvo ST1

The Zenvo ST1 is a high performance sports car. It is manufactured by Danish company Zenvo Automotive. The car is powered by a 7.0L twincharged LS7 V8 engine which gives out an impressive 1,089 bhp. The ST1 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds and top speed of the car is 375 km/h. It comes with a astonishing price tag of $748,142. It is manufactured almost entirely by the hands of a small team of workers in Zealand, Denmark.

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