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Top 5 WTF πŸ˜‚ Cars | 5 Top 5 Odd One-Off Cars

The sole purpose of cars is to transport us from point A to point B. They don’t have a set appearance, despite having a set job. (dragontkd.ca) Sometimes automakers get it right, and other times they get it wrong. They occasionally design automobiles that make us question, “What the hell is that?” Here are the top five cars that make me wonder.

1. The Nissan DeltaWing

A track car that looks like it was designed by Bruce Wayne. This vehicle is one of the oddest cars I’ve seen on the racetrack, yet it is extraordinarily efficient. It has gone through a series of crashes on the circuit, but it always seems to bounce back.

2. The Helicron No.1

This car was made back when it was okay to have a huge propeller that could cut a head off in a jiffy strapped to the front of your car. It was made in 1932 to be exact. The propeller on the front of the car is what powered the vehicle, and its rear wheels steered it.

3. Fiat Panda Monster Truck

Fiat teamed up with Mercurio Cinematografica to create this monster. It is a cross-breed between a Panda 4Γ—4 and a Jeep CJ7. They created it for an ad campaign that Fiat is currently running.

4. The Dream Car 123

This is a homemade electric vehicle that can reach speeds of up to 40 mph and is powered by 80 lead-acid batteries that run four independent motors. This car is able to complete a 360 degree turn on a dime!

5. 2012 ETV

Powered by a 2.0-liter supercharged Chevy engine, this car is ridiculous looking. It needs no description, because the exterior says it all.


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