Top 7 Car Modifications that are Useless

Car modifications are mostly done to improve performance. If done tastefully that is. If your car has the same old performance figures, then adding flashy body kits & rims won’t work mate !! To save yourself from feeling embarrassed in public about having a car which is all show & no go, here are the ten useless modifications which you should avoid.


Look at the size of the spoilers !!

Spoilers are no doubt a popular modification. We see spoilers on many race cars. Getting inspired by them, we decide to put on spoiler on our car ignoring the fact it might look odd for a family hatchback/sedan. As an automobile enthusiast I agree that spoilers on a performance car look great and improve performance too. But putting a spoiler on your WagonR won’t make it look like a racer but it surely will make you look like a fool in public.

Big Wheels Mod

Donk – The car with bigger wheels than company standard

Unnecessarily big things attract people, but sometimes for wrong reasons too. The cars like the one shown in above image are called as ‘Donk’. Such cars might look cool (if they do) but in function, it takes more power to move which decreases mileage. Sometimes, they even tend to expose rusting brakes. The low-profile tires also add nothing to value & need to be stopped.  

Body Kit Mod

Toyota Fortuner with Lexus Body Kit

Real Body kits on a professional racing cars as NASCAR vehicles serve a purpose to decrease the weight of a car & make it more aerodynamic as well as fuel efficient. Makers put lot of their time & money for the research & development of the body kit. On regular vehicles the body kits serve no other purpose than making it look attractive to people. With proper performance modifications, a body kit can be justified; but you can’t just put a Lexus body kit on your Fortuner & call it a luxury vehicle.

Fake Badges, Stickers, Emblems and Grills

Maruti Suzuki WagonR with Jeep Compass Grill Applied to it

It is anyone’s guess that the car shown in above image is a Maruti Suzuki WagonR. But ever since Jeep Compass arrived in India, its front grill is becoming more popular than the car itself. Another type is of people which put fake badges & emblems on their vehicles just for show off purpose. Also, stickering your vehicle upto a certain limit is okay but covering your car completely with stickers won’t make it look like a performance car. That will be a laughing stock for people & will surely make you feel ashamed rather than proud.

Xenon or HID lights & Undercarriage lighting

Neon Racing dreams, right ?

Just look at the picture. Some might see a beauty in it, but all I can call this is crazy. Still, people do such useless & foolish modification only due to the hype from movies like Fast & Furious (They won’t even touch this though). As we are on the topic of light, see those xenon lights ? Those are not only harmful for sight of other drivers but according to a survey, they don’t even improve road visibility ! For what these mods cost, these aren’t worth it mate; leave it (unless you want to fulfil your neon racer dreams).

Fake hood Vents/ Hood Scoop Mod

Too many ‘Attached’ hood scoops spoiling the looks

This is a lazy, lame & absolute bad car modification ever done. Real hood vents are meant for proper ventilation of engine & other moving parts. In pursuit of making their everyday vehicle look like a race car, people just buy & stick such things on their car. These don’t serve any actual purpose but still are the bestsellers on Ebay. Cutting the hood down & pasting these on it might also lead to water seeping into engine bay which the hood otherwise prevents.

Fake Engine noises & oversized tailpipes

Car with Exhaust straight outta a truck !!

The reason behind merging of these two modifications is that the motive behind both is same – making the car sound like it is properly modified without putting actual money into the performance parts. First one is fake engine sounds. In lieu of an engine upgrade, people add fake engine sounds to make it roar like a lion whilst letting it be in donkey specs. Till the time when someone asks for a race, all this does is annoy people nearby (and at the racetrack gets humiliated by the car which had the lowest track speed). Second modification is oversized tailpipes like the ones shown above. Some cars come have a properly tuned exhaust system which is owner’s pride & joy and then there are some people like this. Adding fake exhaust can only cause noise pollution & won’t contribute to anything useful.

I hope you all have got clear idea of what to avoid while modifying your car. So do not apply these modifications on your vehicle when you think of modifying it. I repeat, do not apply these mods !! Looking at the expenses which might incur in case any of these modifications go wrong, these are completely not worth it.

That’s it for today guys !! Stay tuned to for more interesting content….

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