Toyota Car Sales Nov 2021 | Toyota Sales Report November 2021

Toyota Sales

A sales boost from the long holiday season can typically result in weeks of increased sales. However, in recent months, sales trends have deviated from typical sales chart markers. Following weeks of severe lockdowns that halted sales, months of uncertainty followed.

Add to that supply chain issues caused by part/chip shortages or non-availability. Overall, it’s been difficult to go months without knowing what’s going to happen in the weeks ahead. The globe is still grappling with Covid-19 regulations and modifications, as well as the chip shortage.

Toyota Car Sales Nov 2021

Toyota India recorded sales of little over 13k units in November 2021. A year ago, sales were estimated to be around 5.5k units. YoY growth is 52.83 percent, with a volume rise of slightly under 4.5 thousand units.

The firm recorded sales of 12,440 units in October 2021. Sales increased by 4.53 percent year over year, with a volume increase of 563 units. The detailed sales chart for Toyota India for the month of November 2021 is shown below.

Maruti Suzuki Product Strategy

Given the close relationship between Maruti and Toyota, it’s critical to keep a careful eye on MSIL’s product strategy. Beginning in 2022, MSIL expects to introduce a range of broadly defined utility van category options. It will be fascinating to see how both brands improve these items and how the new launches enhance both companies’ product portfolios. Meanwhile, a number of Toyota test cars have recently been spotted on Indian roads.

Continues Demand

“Demand from the market continues to be robust, which is adequately reflected in our booking orders, and we are doing our best to respond to these orders,” said V. Wiseline Sigamani, Associate General Manager (AGM), Sales and Strategic Marketing, TKM. “The increase in demand and orders can be ascribed to the popularity of our products among our clients, which has been boosted by recent product refreshes, such as the debut of the new Legender 444 and the limited edition Innova Crysta.” Both the Fortuner and the Innova Crysta continue to be market leaders, and we appreciate our consumers’ faith in the brand.

We are optimistic that we will complete the calendar year with growth in all sectors, including the Glanza and the Urban Cruiser, where TKM is still relatively new. However, given the great response to both models, we are doing our best to reach out to clients in even more remote areas by expanding our presence in these areas.”