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Toyota GR Corolla Shows Its Tail In New Teaser Video

The latest Toyota GR Corolla teaser raises the stakes for the hot hatch’s debut by revealing it as the next member of the GR family to arrive in America. This video contains two peeks of the model. The 3-minute-and-30-second view begins at 3:55, and the slightly longer one begins at 3:55.

The peeks show the front and rear of a camouflaged GR Corolla, respectively. The latter one also shows the taillights illuminate.

The majority of this video is devoted to showcasing the new GR86. The plot revolves around two members of the GR86 crew and two Toyota executives watching a focus group react to various pitches for a GR86 commercial. According to some web investigation, the Charlestowne Mall in Illinois appears to be the site for this video.

The GR team wants to emphasise the vehicle’s performance and manual transmission. Toyota’s marketing team tries to keep the commercial focused on practical issues, such as how the rear camera makes parking easier.

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Because the audience sees both, the upshot is that they learn a lot about the new GR86. The highlight for anyone interested in the new model is witnessing it drift through an abandoned mall with a pair of Supras. A jump into a stack of cardboard boxes is also included.

Earlier teasers for the GR Corolla hinted at some potential details of the forthcoming hot hatch from Toyota. It appears to be powered by a G16E-GTS 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine with 268 horsepower (200 kilowatts) and all-wheel drive from the GR Four system. The GR Yaris has the similar arrangement.

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All indications point to the GR Corolla having a manual transmission. Toyota is also rumoured to be working on an automatic transmission.

For the Gazoo Rally Racing Challenge in Japan, the business recently unveiled a GR Yaris with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The front of the vehicle was also slightly modified to direct air to the gearbox’s oil cooler.

This transmission is still in its early stages of development. Shigeru Hayakawa, Toyota Vice Chairman, claims to have already broken a prototype of the gearbox.

Source: Toyota USA via YouTube, via Road & Track

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