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Toyota’s Mini SUV Is A Real Killer

The next few years will see the introduction of a variety of new powered mobility from Toyota. Online leaks have revealed a number of patent photos for the upcoming Toyota model. The small SUV appears to be a prototype of the small electric SUV from Toyota. It is anticipated to go by the name Toyota BZ2X and made its official debut in late 2021 as the BZ Small SUV EV concept.

The disclosed patent images have not yet made it clear whether this model will be a part of the company’s ‘BZ’ family of electric cars. A plug-in hybrid powertrain might be available for this crossover.

1. Mysterious Design

Credit- Indian Car News

The patent’s illustrations show that the new SUV won’t have any exhaust vents. You do, however, receive the conventional grill. If an SUV has a classic grill, it may need a radiator for cooling, which is typical of petrol versions. The flaps on both of the rear side panels that reveal the plug-in hybrid powertrain are also visible.

The electrical plug can be hidden by a flap. The Toyota BZ X electric SUV, which is of Chinese design, includes electrical connectors on both sides. The new Toyota SUV may have battery power, according to these patent pictures. An SUV with wheels similar to those on the Yaris Cross GR Sport.

2. Future Generation C-HR?

Credit- Indian Car News

There are two possibilities for how this would fit into the Toyota lineup. The Toyota C-HR can accommodate that, which is the first factor. The CH-R is a cute little SUV, but it has had trouble selling well in the US. The awful 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine, which was only offered in conjunction with a CVT, was the primary cause of its failure, not the ridiculous styling or the small rear seats. For the benefit of three designers, Toyota Japan has applied for design patents. Senior designer Ken Billes works for Toyota Automobiles in the UK, where the CH-R is very successful, particularly in its current hybrid guise.

3. Revealed The Concept Last Year

C-HR Concept

With the BZ small EV concept, the company demonstrated the brand’s new design language in December 2021. The SUV has a sculpted bonnet, crossover-like rearward front fenders, and C-shaped LED headlamps.

Toyota is also developing the “E3” platform, which will combine the “GA-C” global modular platform and its electric “e-TNGA” architecture, with a focus on the European market. The new operating system will work with a variety of engines, including electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid.

4. Future Plans

BZ Concept

The key question is whether Toyota needs another vehicle in that bracket. The C-HR seems somewhat obsolete in light of the Corolla Cross, in my opinion. But from the outside, the Corolla Cross appears to be very dull. Not much to see, but great car.
Along with the Corolla Cross and standard Corolla hybrid models, we still believe there is room for a quirky subcompact PHEV SUV. Making this smaller is an additional choice.

This could even be smaller than the C-HR, in which case it is unlikely to be produced in America, according to the compositions of the earliest EV concept. To confirm the size, we must wait for more details. Toyota has yet to reveal any specifics about the mysterious SUV, despite the revelation of the design patent signals an announcement is imminent.


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