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Toyota’s Self Charging Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Globally, Electric vehicle sales are touching new heights. But lack of charging infrastructure, short driving range, and heavy price tag are some limitations of EV’s. Toyota’s Self charging hybrid electric vehicles is overcome for that problem, come let’s find how?

What is Self charging hybrid electric vehicles?

Toyota’s Self-charging Hybrid electric vehicle utilizes a fuel motor and an electric engine. The vehicle can be drive by utilizing its electric force alone, just as with the motor and electric engine cooperating.

Toyota’s cross-breed vehicles are self-charging. Power is produced as you drive the vehicle, caught from the energy made when you brake or delayed down. This motor energy is converted over into electrical energy and put away in a battery when the vehicle is cruising as well.

At the point when the vehicle will need more force, the stored electrical energy is delivered to help the vehicle with more force. The interaction is constrained by the power control unit at a very short span.

How self-charging hybrid vehicle works?

The process involves 4 steps as follows:

  1. STARTING-OFF:- The electric motor propels the vehicle alone.
  2. REGULAR DRIVING:- The electric motor does most of the work and the engine simply helps out.
  3. FULL ACCELERATION:- The additional power is supplied by the motor from the electrical energy stored in the battery.
  4. DECELERATION/ BRAKING:- In a conventional car, energy is lost when it brakes. In a self-charging hybrid electric vehicle, this energy is recovered and stored in a battery for future use.

Does a hybrid vehicle need charging?

Toyota’s self-charging hybrid vehicle does not need to be a plug-in for charging like electric vehicles. The self-charging technology in Toyota vehicles the excess power from the engine charges the battery. The vehicle also consists of regenerative braking which means when you brake or coast it will save the energy from the motor to the battery.

Which are Hybrid vehicles from Toyota?

Currently, Toyota has 2 models on sale which implement the Self-charging hybrid electric vehicle technology. The Toyota Camry and Toyota Vellfire. Camry comes with 2.5 liters, 4cylinder engine with Continuously Variable Transmission. Along with a Self-Charging Hybrid Battery with 160 kW maximum output.


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