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Tractor-Trailer Jumps Over Highway Embankment, Cathces Fire In Rayne

Thankfully, the driver suffered only minor injuries.

Rayne, a small town in Louisiana with just over 7,300 population, is known as the “Frog Capital of the World.” It’s a peaceful place with a total size of 3.8 square miles (9.9 square kilometres), with water covering 0.0077 square miles (0.02 square kilometres). The city contains only 2,834 households, according to the 2020 US census, and the I-10 interstate highway serves as its single exit. Last Thursday, March 17, a strange single-vehicle accident occurred on a busy section of the interstate line.

A 2011 KW tractor and trailer exited the roadway, drove down an embankment, leaped over a wide intersection, and eventually came to rest on private land, according to the Rayne Police Department. After that, the truck caught fire, and the Rayne Volunteer Flames Department was quick to respond on the scene and put out the fire. Fortunately, the tractor’s driver escaped with only minor injuries and is said to be in good health. 

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It’s difficult to discern what caused the crash, as evidenced by the film released by the Rayne Police Department. The crash is currently being investigated by police, who are based about a quarter-mile from the intersection. There have been no updates from the investigation as of yet. Based on what we can see in the video, it appears that the driver either fell asleep or lost control of the tractor-trailer owing to a technical malfunction. Other possible causes cannot be ruled out, and these are only speculations based on the accident film.

In recent years, the I-10 has become a very busy roadway, and there have been multiple reports of serious accidents along various stretches of the route. Last week, another severe accident occurred when a passenger truck collided with the back of a camper trailer, according to Jalopnik. The collision on I-10 near the Louisiana state line shut down both westbound lanes.

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Source: Rayne Police Department

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